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    This is a great theme. I am new to it and have a few queries but will do each one as a different thread to make the solutions easier to find.

    In this one, I want to know how I can prevent my thumbnails getting squashed. I do not want the image I use for the slider being the one used as the thumbnail for each post. I want to be able to make my own thumbnail suited for the smaller dimensions and use that as my post thumbnail. Also, how do I set it so the featured image (for the slider) is not used automatically in the post? I don’t select ‘Insert in post’ just ‘use as featured image’and it still appears automatically.

    I look forward to hearing the solution.

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    Where are images getting squashed – can you post the URL?

    The easiest way to sort out images which do not appear correctly is to edit them (crop etc) in a image editor eg Photoshop before uploading them.


    Hi James

    Thanks for getting back. They are getting squashed in the thumbnails next to the post excerpts on the home page.

    Here is the link –

    I have tried making a different picture for the thumbnail (I could not use the same for the featured slider and thumbnail due to the size difference) but it would still use the featured image as the thumbnail image. How can I tell WP what to use as the featured image and what to use as a post thumbnail image?

    Finally, it still seems to automatically add the featured image into the post (even though I select – ‘use as featured image’ and not ‘insert into post’).

    Example –

    Thanks for your support,




    How can I tell WP what to use as the featured image and what to use as a post thumbnail image?

    WordPress treats the featured image and post thumbnail as the same thing. The confusion with the names probably stems from the name being changed to “Featured Image” in WP 3.0

    The sizes of the images are defined in functions.php and can be modified here, but any size changes are only used for images uploaded after that point, so existing images need to be re-uploaded.

    The images for the 2 column posts should be using the “S” size (60px by 60px) – was the featured image for this post uploaded before the theme was activated because it looks like the original (not resized) image is being used. Try removing the featured image and re-uploading it through the media manager to see if the image is updated (and fixed).


    Thanks James for your help. I have checked the functions and it appears right. However, if I changed that presumably it would still squash the image? Because the images need to be so wide for the slider, I do not think it would ever look right in any way squashed or cropped.

    Is there anyway possible (or could I get customised for a fee) to be able to tell WP not to use my featured image as a thumbnail and tell it to use a different image designed for the thumbnail instead?

    Thank you,


    PS – perhaps custom fields?



    Custom fields would be the easiest way to do this, it is relatively straight forward so I’ll put the code together when I have more time.

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    Hi James

    I hope you are well. I appreciate you are busy so before you get the chance to write the custom code to choose which image is in the post thumbnail on the home page, is it possible you could tell me how to turn them off entirely as a temporary solution? (not the featured slider – the small thumbnails in the posts on the front page (I know how to turn off the images in actual post itself).

    Thank you very much,




    Have you found an answer to your question? I have the same concern.

    Thank you,



    same problem here to


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