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    Hello Kriesi!

    About 5 months ago I asked you about spacing in my menu (please look at “projektowanie” at http://www.pawelsuder.pl).

    You wrote:

    in style.css line 141 use this:

    #top #nav li li {
    border-left:medium none;

    now it’s time to the repair of it! I compared style2.css from my page and style2.css from new .zip package but they are the same (?!?).

    If I change minimal style (which I use as style2.css) to light or dark – it’s OK. So this is a problem with my style2.css but when I changed it for a new / fresh – the problem is still on :/



    Can you post the site URL and highlight the problem area with a screenshot?

    It may be easier to start from scratch with a fresh copy of the theme and reinstall it, then make your changes. :)


    I removed the whole theme to do with this, finally a major order (I have a backup)

    but now I have the problem – WordPress remember your theme ;) :(

    if I upload by the WP admin panel – I don’t see it on the FTP

    if I upload by FTP – I can’t see it in the WP admin panel

    even changed the name of the folder with the “display” to “display2 ://



    just OK

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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