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    Need some assistance with the spacing between blog comments – am wanting to find if there is anywhere I can adjust this? At the moment the spaces are between the post information (name/date/time etc) and the actual comment, which looks rather awkward. I’d like to put a space between each individual comment, as the way it’s currently laid out makes it a bit difficult to read. Here is a link to a post so you can see:

    Also, wanting to find out how to remove a left sidebar from a Search results page. At the moment I have ‘search’ widget in the Displayed Everywhere (Left) section – but once I remove this the column remains on the search result page and instead shows a huge list of pages (which I don’t want). As I use the right column regularly it makes my search result page way too cramped, so I’d like to remove the left one. Example here:

    Thanks in advance :)


    OK I just changed the layout in the theme for some pages, and the search result page now has no sidebars (which is fine) HOWEVER is there anyway to make the images smaller? They’re huge! Haha.


    Hi burnsey,

    I believe the search result page for products is controlled by how many columns you have set to display for product overview pages. So since you are using the 3 column layout, the product images are sized to fit the 3 columns.

    You can change this setting in WooCommerce>Settings>Pages all the way at the bottom.




    Thanks Devin – any ideas on the spacing between comments in the blog at all? It’s making it difficult to read and doesn’t look very good at all! Thanks for your help :)


    Try turning on a default avatar image as Kriesi designed the comments area to work around them. It should get everything aligned with the least amount of changes/customization needed.

    Go to Settings>Discusson then scroll down to the bottom of the options there to where you’ll see Avatars. Select Show Avatars and then choose Blank or one of the others if you wish. Save changes and then see if the comments are better.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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