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    First of all I have to say that this is the first time I deal with wordpress and all this stuff.

    Im using flashlight theme and now I want to use woocommerce to sell my photos, I already discovered that this theme doesn’t support the “featured image” area adding a product, and so I discovered too that I can upload the photo to the image gallery and it works well.

    The thing is that I can only upload the photo from my computer, and since I have no more space left on my ftp, I need to upload it from my multimedia library, is there any way I can do it?

    I searched all over the support forum and didn’t find a solution. =..(

    Thanks in advanced!!




    Please refer to the sticky thread at the top: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -flashlight





    Thank you so much!! i’ll try it right now!

    Just one question, should I update Flashlight? the version that I’m using is 1.4.

    thanks again,



    Hi again!

    Im sorry that I keep on going with this issue, but i don’t know any other way to solve it.

    I did all the changes on files, helper slide-show.php, config.php, and loop-portfolio.php, as said on the article, and it didn’t work out. The article is pretty easy to understand and follow, so Im sure that I didn’t make any mistake, I followed every step religiously.

    Still, the only way to upload an image to the image gallery (not attach an image on a post, I was already able to do that) on a product is through the computer.

    Can it be because I didn’t use the portfolio to create the photo galleries? I have different pages on wich I have used masonry galleries (flexible grid gallery) to show the photos.

    My domain is; just in case it helps.

    I’ve seen on another sticky thread you posted that I do must update my flashlight version. Will it help me?

    Thanks for your patience.



    Maybe you need to activate Attachments for the custom post type “Products”? Go to Settings > Attachments and make sure that you’ve selected all required post types. Afterwards yoi’ll see the Attachments option panel on the “products” editor screen too and you can reuse existing “Media Gallery” images.



    Thanks for your response!!

    I already tried that and it didn’t work either. Then I tried updating flashlight to its latest version and finally the “featured image” section appears in the product, and it lets me get the picture from the library, great, Looks like this problem is solved .

    But now that I´ve done all this changes my web has gone black. I think i’m gonna cry jajajaja.

    Can it be because I uploaded old files (helper slide-show.php, config.php, and loop-portfolio.php) instead of modify them again?

    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks again!



    Hi again!!!

    Problem solved!!!!! im veeeeery happy!!!!!!! I changed again those files and everything works just fine.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!




    Glad it is fixed. :)




    Socorro!!!!! Help!!!

    It ain’t fixed!! Im going crazy. =…….(

    Everything was working fine and suddenly the product featured images are dissapearing.

    I stablish the featured image on a product and as soon as I publish the product the image goes away.

    I have the latest versión of everything, woocommerce, WP and flashlight, I have the plugin attachments and i modified config.php, loop-portfolio.php and a third one called helper whatever (i cant remember its name right now).

    I dont know if im stupid and I’m doing something wrong or if I have tremendous amounts of bad luck.

    Help please!!!!

    Thanks in advanced!



    I didn’t come across this issue before. Maybe another plugin causes this problem?




    Is there any way to extend this further to include URL and Gallery tabs like the normal WordPress media uploader? I have tons of images already uploaded since I migrated from a different theme, and it’s a lot of images to sort through using the Media Gallery. Would be easiest to import with csv, but apparently that’s impossible since this saves to post meta, so URL might be easier.


    Yes, it would be possible (eg textarea field where you can input your external urls – one url per line or comma seperated, etc.). The logic behind it is not very complex but it requires some time to code it nevertheless. Maybe I’ll look into it if I find some free time but atm I’m too busy and it will take some months.


    I want to use the media gallery also, but the link you provided earlier isn’t working anymore.


    Hi jaesius,

    With version 2.0 of Flashlight the media gallery/image gallery function for Flashlight has been completely re-done so anything within this topic is no longer relevant.

    You can manage the gallery straight from the product page and don’t have to upload each image new from your computer.



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