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    Hey guys thanks for an amazing looking template. I tried searching but couldn’t find the answer to this and I really hope this is possible.

    On a portfolio page with pagination you can display let’s say for example 2 portfolio pages with 6 items on each page. But when you sort them, the sorting only filters down what’s displayed on that page and not what’s actually in the entire portfolio. So for example you can only sort 6 items at a time instead of the actual 12 existing items.

    Is this true or am I missing something? It’s pretty jarring from a user’s perspective. Then the user would have to switch pages and filter through the second page… if they even realize there is a second page. I don’t think the average user would realize that the filter didn’t work on all items.

    Is it possible to sort through ALL of your portfolio items from any portfolio page you’re on?

    Maybe there is a way to load all the portfolio items at once, but only display them in pagination according to the grid settings in the back end. This is what I expected the functionality to be like for some reason. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

    Other than that A+ guys! Solid template :)

    Thanks, Andre



    This issue is being fix at the moment. Please hold on for further updates. I will tag the rest of the support team.

    The only solution so far is to increase the number of portfolio entries shown on a single page.





    I’m sorry but there won’t be a fix because we don’t consider this as a bug/issue – see:

    Best regards,



    Hey Dude, I gotta say I’m pretty disappointed with that answer “we don’t consider this a bug/issue”. Maybe it’s not a bug, but it certainly is an issue. Unless you guys don’t consider UX problems issues.

    I completely agree with user ‘evantage’ who says:

    “Maybe you should put little more effort on this case! because it’s almost useless to use/display portfolio items with sorting if you don’t or actually can’t display more then 8 items due to page space or scroll, I bumped into this one and it’s another thing that is limiting the use of the theme, the theme is great, its really powerful and rich in features, but this stuff really killing it’s functionality.”

    This means I will have to have a giant portfolio page with all of my entries, completely overwhelming the user. The page will obviously have to SCROLL (lame) in order to get the sorting feature to work. Also, contrary to the argument that you put forth on why you would not support this functionality, loading a giant portfolio page to make use of the sorting feature would make it slow and laggy anyways. No? Pretty counter-intuitive in my opinion… Doesn’t look like I’m the only customer to feel this way either.

    I’ll add that your demo on themeforest was a little misleading as the portfolio wasn’t presented in a way to notice this huge limitation.

    It’s really too bad because I love the template and was almost satisfied with my purchase. Sadly, because of this issue, I will have to invest a lot of time trying to make my own “makeshift” solution to this problem.

    I understand that you don’t want to distribute something you’re not happy with, I completely respect that, but it would be nice for you guys to provide your customers with a little support on this issue. Maybe even a few suggestions on how to achieve this functionality on our own. You guys are superstars, you got to have something. Anything?

    Thanks for the honest response though.

    All the best,



    Hi Andre,

    It has a little bit more to do with overall performance quality than UX. The page does a single query when it loads up for all of the portfolio categories + a number that you define in the backend. When you “sort”, it just hides what is currently shown on the page except for the option you chose.

    To do what you, and others, have asked for would be another full query to the database and then to load in all of those that were selected dynamically into the page. The ajax loader already gets a lot of performance flack for doing this and it is only loading in one set of data at a time. Multiply that by 2,3 or more and you can see how it would quickly turn into a big performance issue.



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