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    I have a little dilemma with the sorting. It works just fine, except –

    Say I have about 50 items in my portfolio, and I have the theme set to display 25 items per page, with pagination on, making it a total of 2 pages. I have 2 unique categories, “client” and “personal”

    If I sort the page by “client”, I only see the “client” images that are on the first page, while the ones from the 2nd page don’t get pulled up.

    Being that I assume the sorting is done dynamically…how could I set it up so that it pulls ALL items under “client” to the first page even if it’s on other pages?

    Is this possible? Otherwise I would have to just set all portfolio items to be on a single page, and that definitely drags the site loading time down a lot!



    this is not possible because the sorting function doesn’t use ajax requests to receive all portfolio entries. Your solution would improve the site loading time but would slow down the sorting process itself because ajax requests would be required before each sorting process (otherwise you wouldn’t have enough data to sort all items properly).


    Hmm, I see…

    Do you have any tips to improve loading times then? Or is there a plugin I could use that would do what I wanted? I definitely notice the site slowing down with that many items on a single page…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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