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    I would like to add/modify code to allow the sortable portfolio in Corona theme drop and reorganize items by category the same way that’s theme portfolio works on this site, and as some other wordpress themes work with sortable portfolio. Is it possible to do this for the Corona theme?

    Thank you for your time.



    this would require a major rewrite of the portfolio sorting js function and is therefore not possible.



    Thanks for your response; I understand. If this was ever completed for an update, I would be very grateful, but again, I understand.



    Would it be possible, if I also purchased a theme like the BroadScope theme, which has the script for the sortable portfolio I am looking for, to switch the javascript files between the two? Relatively easy? Moderate? Difficult?


    I’d say it’s difficult (however it depends on your skill level) because you need to adjust the php/html output quite a bit, the css code needs some time intensive adjustments and the js function very likely too (but here it depends on the php output adjustments).



    Thanks again. Is there a chance I could contract you or Kriesi to make that change for me on the Corona theme? To convert the necessary changes in the Corona theme to make it a sortable portfolio with whatever extra styling is necessary for the sorting options below the header? Basically, I was going with another designer’s theme for the project I am working on, when I knew I should have gone with one of Kriesi’s themes to begin with, as I have grown quite frustrated trying to make even slight CSS changes given the abundance of generator code and style sheets this other theme has. And it also has many, many errors in the w3c validator. But this other theme’s one relative strength is the sortable portfolio, which I am now somewhat bound to. Meanwhile, Corona has everything I want/need, even the option to assign a name to the portfolio folder (awesome!), except the sortable portfolio. Therefore I find myself in a slight jam time-wise and project-wise, with this one feature conflicting me between the various themes. I have compared/contrasted all Kriesi’s other themes, and Corona is it (maybe Broadscope, but I would much prefer Corona).

    Thanks again for your time and consideration of this.



    I’ll ask Kriesi if he has time. Basically I’m available for freelancer work but I can’t handle time intensive tasks atm because I participate in a Moot Court competition.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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