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    Link shows error, homepage shows all items:

    I have 12 items. There are 2 categories with 8 & 4 items each.

    I would like to display 8 entries max on the portfolio – sortable, without pagination.

    With this portfolio setting, it will only display one category name in the sort div. It seems as if the js sort div only displays categories of items that are on the screen. I made a page with examples of the error:

    How can I get away with showing only 8 items at a time, but have both categories available for sorting?


    Hi tlow87,

    Although this has been brought up quite a few times with the sorting/filter function there isn’t a fix for it available and the official word from Kriesi is this isn’t going to be implemented at any time.

    The root of the issue is that the filter function does a live run through of all items loaded into the page via the query. It then generates the categories from that so if none are visible there is no option. If there was, it wouldn’t do anything since it isn’t possible to pull up new items not already visible on the page.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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