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    For whatever reason the sortable portfolio is missing from my website. I’ve searched through the forums and found people who had previously had a similar problem, though their fixes did not work for my site.

    The problem is on this page

    If you view the page source, you can see the sortable bar appears in the code but it doesn’t display visually. I have checked in both firefox and chrome, and I assume the problem is still there in safari and IE.

    Also, I’m using habitat 1.1.1 which I think is the latest version.

    All plugins but Akismet are disabled. It is the top level domain of a WPMU install I use to streamline my other development projects. I’m not sure if WPMU would change anything though.



    Oh, the the “open image in lightbox” functionality also doesn’t seem to be working on the single post view.



    it seems like you’re experiencing a javascript conflict error on your page. Try to deactivate all external plugins and if this doesn’t help try to upload all files again (theme files and wordpress files). Maybe one js file is corrupt. Also make sure that you’ve the latest version – you can download it at (I think there’s a newer one than 1.1.1) which fixes the timthumb security problem btw.


    That worked, don’t know why though. I did have the latest version of habitat installed, but just reinstalling everything seemed to work.



    Yes – sometimes the upload process fails without error message and the end result is that one or more files are corrupt and don’t execute properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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