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    Hi there,

    I would like my sortable portfolio to load directly a category (the first one for ex), not all the items. And also need to hide the “all” link. Because I have a lot of items, and I will have more (about 500).

    See here :

    Can you help please ?

    Many thanks !



    you can hide the “all” link by modifying wp-contentthemesangularincludesloop-portfolio.php – open up the file and delete:

    $output .= "<a href='#' data-filter='all_sort' class='all_sort_button active_sort'>".__('All','avia_framework')."</a>";

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to load one category only because isotope is a simply jquery/js effect and it needs to load all entries first and when the user clicks n a filter link it just hides some of the entries. If you just want to display a certain category I’d suggest to link to portfolio category archive pages.


    Hi Dude, thank you for your help.

    I understand. But is there a way to load the category list before the thumbnails ? Because now the list only appears once all the thumbnails are shown.


    Hi rita01,

    No, as far as I know the list has to load after the items or else there are issues with the entire effect working at all. So if a person were to click on a category before it is fully loaded in, the whole thing would just fail.




    Ok thank you. I will have to remove this big portfolio… But I bought this theme for this feature :(



    Sorry about that but there are limits the amount of customization we can help with unfortunately. Hopefully you can find an alternative within the theme and setup that suits your needs.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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