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    I’m loving the sortable portfolio of this theme! But when you have a couple more portfolio items on the page it takes quite long until the menu bar fades in. In my case I have filled the portfolio with 45 items (containing either two or more pictures) and the menu bar appears at least after 12-14 seconds. While the page is loading you don’t see anything of the bar (and the user doesn’t notice, that there WILL be a bar in a few seconds), so that he will probably leave the site before he realizes what a great features comes up next :-)

    Any tips how to speed up the fade in? And please, don’t say “reduce the items”. I did already ;-)



    that’s a drawback of javascript – it’s very resource hungry (because it’s interpreted and not compiled) and doesn’t do to well with many items. So the only tip I have is to reduce the items :)

    You can create more portfolio pages and reduce the number of portfolio items per page.


    Hey back,

    as I said, reducing the portfolio items is no solution for me. In this case the feature would be redundant. What about a small loading icon or a small text field, which is shown as long as the menu bar is loading?

    My skills are not the best, but IMHO this might be very easy to put into. And the visitor would see at first sight, that there is more to come…


    I’ll report this to Kriesi. Maybe he’s interested in implementing a loading animation, etc. but I can’t promise anything.


    Thanks for your help so far. I’ll hope, that he will inplement it as soon as possible :-)


    Here is a simple solution I am using for this issue. I placed it just above the filter links.

    //Descriptor Text for Filters

    if(!isset($avia_config) || $avia_config == 'yes')


    echo "<div class=''>";

    echo "<h7>Use these buttons to filter through the portfolio companies by industry.</h7>";

    echo "</div>";



    Sorry, where exactly do you put //Descriptor Text for Filters

    code lines?

    Thank you,




    I think he inserts the code before following line/comment in template_portfolio.php:

    //if portfolio is sortable replace heading with sort options



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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