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    I love having all of my portfolio categories on a single page using the 4 column sort. However, I’d like to offer links on my home page to skip to specific portfolio categories, but still retain the sorting menu at the top. Is it possible to pass variables in the url to change the initial sort category to a category of choice other than “all”?



    Also, please let me know if my sign-up confirmation via Themeforest hasn’t been received – I posted something else which hasn’t been answered yet (I know you are busy!) – I just want to make sure I’m not being ignored because my sign-up process hasn’t worked. Thanks!



    1.) Without re-writing the JS for the Portfolio Category function, you can’t select a particular category. This may change in a future update to the theme.

    2.) Your account is active – we’re dealing with around 150 – 200 requests for help per week so it’s not possible to get back to everyone quickly. Posts are answered in the order received and usually within 1 business day (Monday – Friday / 9am – 5pm GMT +1 excluding Holidays).



    I’d like to offer links on my main menu to portfolio categories too.

    Any tips on how to customize the javascript? Where is the javascript that handles this functionality?


    It’s custom.js. Sry as James said above this is a customization we can’t take care of. Maybe this feature will be introduced with an update but we don’t promise anything and please don’t count on it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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