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    I’ve a problem with the sort order gallery.
    It’s impossible to sort image gallery with number like before . Since i upgrade WP or FL ! I don’t remenber …
    AND If i change manually order, this is not register in “GALLERY OPTION”

    Regards !

    NB: I can show you in MP if you want

    Worpress 3.7.1
    FlashLight 2.4.1


    Hi LaurentMoreno!

    Please try deactivating all active plugins and check if that helps. Can you post the link to your website?



    I deactived all plugin but there is no change !
    … and i’ve a problem with frontpage. When i import picture from media a few are not displayed in slideshow.




    I’m not sure which gallery you mean but since Flashlight 2.0 we use a new attachment/media uploader and you can change the order via drag’n’drop in the slideshow option field. Just click on the image bar and drag it to the new position: http://www.screenr.com/UfyH
    The menu order option (number field) is not used for the order.

    Best regards,


    But pics are too small. I can see just a corner and corners are similar. It’s very difficult. My eyes are very painfull . :D
    I know i can display the full image but it is inconvenient. First because i must click for each pics. Show, show, show, show, show, show, show …. And hide, hide, hide, hide, And if you have 30 pics ….

    Idealy it should:
    – Display full image in gallery option eg 100×61 ;)
    – Show an hide all pics in ONE click.

    May be you have a solution for me ?

    NB Video is very pedagogic. Thanks.



    It’s maybe not a perfect solution but you can use this code

    add_action('admin_print_scripts', 'avia_gravity_forms_admin');
    function avia_gravity_forms_admin()
    echo "<style type='text/css'>";
    echo "
    .avia_sortable_gallery_container .avia_gallery_image a, .avia_sortable_gallery_container .avia_gallery_image a img {
    width: 100px !important;
    height: auto !important;
    height: 80px !important;	
    height: auto !important;	
    .avia_sortable_gallery_container .avia_handle {
    height: 100px;
    echo "</style>";

    to increase the thumbnail size. Insert it at the very bottom of functions.php.

    Best regards,


    It is not increase thumbmail size but picture size when you click it in page !
    … And reduce picture size slideshow in back ground
    ….Nothing for thumbmail size




    I modified the code and added some !important tags – please try it again.



    Yeah !!!!!
    Thank you !
    I hope i’ll see it in the new upgrade !
    Best regards

    NB: You know Piwigo ?.Image managment is very interesting. ;). But FlashLight + WordPress design is better !




    I don’t know piwigo but there’s a famous wordpress gallery plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/ or http://wordpress.org/plugins/nextcellent-gallery-nextgen-legacy/

    Best regards,

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