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    Thank you for creating this gorgeus theme! I have a few questions about the portfolio setup.

    1. In the portfolio options > categories used for the portfolio, it says “The Portfolio Page that you choose below will then show all posts from those categories, along with a sort option for each category.” But where is the sort option displayed? I cant see it on my page (working offline at the moment) or in the theme live demo.

    2. When I create a dropdown menu of the portfolio categories for the portfolio, the categories only get displayed as “archive of xxx”. Is there any way each category could be with a 3 column-setup? We are showing architecure projects, and it would be nice to have a 3-column setup for each portfolio category…Example: When going to Portfolio > you choose a category > you get a 3 column page showing the projects in the chosen category.

    3. According to the feature overview “You can set up any number of portfolio overview pages, portfolio entries and categories.”. I guess this would fix the question above. But how do I create more overview pages, when you can only chose one page in the portfolio setup? (ref. “Which page should display the portfolio?”)

    Hope you can help me!



    1) Flashlight doesn’t comes with a sortable portfolio. The description is a leftover of previous themes (which use the same framework). I’ll ask Kriesi to change the description. Like the demo: and the portfolio supports non sortable portfolios only.

    2+3) Flaslight supports unlimited portfolio pages. Just go to Flashlight > Portfolio option page and search for the small “plus icon” in the bottom right corner. Click on it and a new “portfolio option” field will be added which allows you to set different categories, a different page, different layout (i.e. 3 columns, etc.). The minus icon will removew the portfolio page. Afterwards click on “Save”.


    Just came across this Portfolio ordering problem. I had already added a few galleries and the client wanted to swap the order.

    Got around it by going to the Portfolio Items, clicking on a page and changing the published dates on the right hand side.

    I set the one I wanted first to a specific day (and used that same for the rest so I didn’t have to think :) ), then I set it to 10am, the second I set to same date and 9am, third to 8am, etc

    Not great but a fix for what could be a headache.

    Main rule: latest publish date will always come first in the ordering of the galleries on the portfolio page.


    This article: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -gallery-order-in-wordpress/ might interest you.


    Hi, this is the third Kriesi theme I am using for one of my customers: I am really in love with your style!

    I am not sure if this is already explained somewhere but I would add it in the docs.

    To order the default background gallery images, in the “Flashlight | General Settings | Default Background Image Gallery” menu click on the [Upload] button and then choose the Gallery. From there you will be able to drag’n’drop the order of the background images.

    Do not forget to click on the [Save all changes] button to save the new order!


    Hi Ugo,

    Thank you for posting the helpful tip! That kind of information can really help others who are using the theme :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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