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    I’m not sure where I went wrong, everything was working fine UNTIL I STARTED USING THE CUSTOM CSS and then suddenly elements were not.

    I have tried uploading all the original theme files again (saving the custom CSS). And inspecting the code to see what has happened.

    These are the issues:

    1. the cufon font opensans that I selected for the body is now helvetica

    2. the custom css to turn the bold off in the menu is not working (maybe I got it wrong)

    Any insight you can provide for these problems would be wonderful!





    1.) To change the footer the background, do this

    #footer .container {
    background: blue!important;

    2.) Try to deselect Open Sans and select any other font, see if it works.

    3.) Just add this on your custom.css to make the menu font bold.

    #header_background, #header .container a {
    color: #F4F4F2;
    font-weight: bold!important;




    Thanks so much – that fixed the font issue.

    The footer problem was with the custom.css overriding the theme options. I just changed the layout.css instead and the footer is back to normal. Every template is built so differently – its hard for a designer like me to keep up!

    Great response time, thanks so much!

    Have a great weekend.



    Glad you fixed it. :)





    I also had the same problem the moment I started using the Quick CSS on the theme styling page. My header is not working properly, especially the navigation bar.

    So what I have done is removed everything from the Quick CSS, and everything from the custom.css and put it into the layout.css. It shows as uploaded, but it does not reflect on the site, it is still not working.

    I know it is a Quick CSS thing, since thats when things started to go wonky.

    Please help!

    Thanks :)



    Hi Lara,

    The reason you want to use the custom.css or Quick CSS is so that you don’t lose everything when you update the theme.

    If you were having issues when adding to either of those places it was with your own css that was added. Something as simple as removing a width for a main css class can cause major issues and make it seem like the theme is broken. Since the custom.css and Quick CSS are loaded after the theme css files it means they can take priority (which you want) but also means they can over-ride theme layout rules etc.

    If you can provide a link to your page (after re-adding your css to custom.css) we can help fix the issues.




    Hi Devin

    Thanks for the response.

    However, removing all of my own CSS doesn’t solve the problem. Ever since I started using Quick CSS, it has done something to the layout.css file and makes it harder to update since it doesn’t reflect the updates. It does reflect the updates of the other CSS files though.

    It’s like it is a weird bug or something!

    I went back to the beginning and removed all my code and inserted the original layout.css code – still it doesn’t reflect the updates on this stylesheet, and it does reflect the updates on all the others.

    Any suggestions?




    It seems that updating that file requires around 24 hours for it to update correctly, but the other stylesheets update instantaneously.

    I’ve never seen that before.


    Hey Lara,

    If you are using any kind of caching plugin that may explain the delay but all the Quick CSS field is doing is spitting its content directly into the pages source so it not taking effect immediately would be very peculiar.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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