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    For some reason I cannot edit any of my menu item’s correctly. For instance I am looking to remove shop/cart buttons on my site (which appeared out of nowhere). Also, the wp-admin login screen is all bonkers, sub-menu items don’t pop out on hover in the admin area etc.

    I changed nothing at all, so not sure what is going on.

    Any help would be appreciated. Can I send someone a PM with a user/pass to log in and check it out?



    Hey noslenwerd!

    Yes, if you can reply and mark it as a private reply (Set as private reply checkbox) with admin credentials we’ll log in and take a look.


    This reply has been marked as private.


    Add this on Quick CSS:

    .menu-shop-menu-container {
    display: inline-block;

    I created a Shop Menu on Appearance > Menus then set it as Flashlight Shop Menu. You can see it on this page: http://drewnelsonphotography.com/shop/

    I’m not sure why the dashboard styling is messed up. Did you add or modify anything on the theme files?




    I added that quick CSS, but not sure what that was supposed to fix? Admin menu still does not fly-out, and the two extra items are showing under “Buy prints”, instead of as a flyout menu.

    I did not touch my website for weeks, so I’m not sure what changed. I am the only one with access. Before it just showed “Buy Prints” …and on hover showed shop/cart, but now they appear beneath it.

    I sent you login details, can you please log in and poke around?




    The “buy print” menu is working as expected:

    Also, didn’t note any issues on the backend so far.



    Very very odd… must be something on my local machine rendering that section differently. Weird! Here is how it looks on my screen:




    Have you tried from another computer?




    I tried from my home laptop, as well as my girlfriends laptop, and they are also showing the menu how I see it here at work. As well as the flyouts in the admin menu not working :(. I even tried disabling all plugins, and no luck.



    In which browser are you seeing this issue?



    Every browser I try… ie10/11, firefox 26, chrome 32

    Been doing some researching, and it may be due to my hosting environment running wrong version of php?

    http://wordpress.org/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-wp-38?replies=14



    I think this may all be due to your WordPress install needing to be re-installed. At least the WordPress files. Your menus manager for me isn’t fully loading in the styling settings which in turn I’m thinking may be causing the menu to not save correctly.

    If your server is also not running a newer version of php that could be a related cause but this gives 2 avenues to look down instead of just the one.

    From you dashboard>Updates> you can have WordPress attempt to re-install 3.8 which should write over the previous version and bring everything up to correct working order. Beforehand make sure to disable all active plugins just to make sure there are no possible conflicts or anything during the “upgrade”




    Are there any known vulnerabilities/hacks into the flashlight theme? It looks like i have some kind of adware/virus on my site now.

    Visit my site from a browser with a fresh cache, and you see the big buttons on the right that say “games/movies” etc?




    Not on my end, here is a screencast of how i see your site:

    Best regards,

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