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    I have a problem with adjusting my menu. I paid for this theme. But what behavior met I from the responsibles? Lets see it:

    I wrote:

    “So see this:

    Are the items “Devlet Sistemleri” and its sub-menu “Monarşi” on the same alignment? Could you say yes?

    Also, if I don’t use the codes of Nick, the boxes of items do not extend to right like that.

    When I hover the mouse over the category menu, the first level sub-menus of them firstly seems normal (during a short while, may be half second), and then they extend to right. After that, you can see th alignment of sub menu ands its sub menus (sub-seb-menus) are not on the same alignment.

    Do you understand me Devin? I’m not sure that you understood me. I know for sure how the submenu items works. I’m not dummy as you think. Please do not answer me without checking my complaints on my site.”

    As answering Devin says:

    “I recommend you look into a freelance developer for pixel perfect customization. We are really not able to go into this much detail for every customization that you want for the theme.

    You can make these kind of tiny adjustments with the css we’ve provided so far but also understand that each browser can even have 1 pixel differences because of the way they render borders, padding, margins etc.


    Devin “

    After that he closed the topic. I applaud him., bravo!

    Let me remind the truth: I paid for this theme to you my friends, not to a freelance developer as you recommend. So the responsibility about my problems with the the theme is yours, not anyone outside. And what for is this platform? Isn’t here a supporting forum? Do you really think the behavior you have, is supporting Devin?

    Before Christmas Nick give me a promise to fix my poblems. And so where is he now? Why isn’t he writing, answering me?

    And Devin! You should be ashamed of your behavior!

    And Dude, say me that Devin’s behavior is normal… can you say that?


    And be sure that the problem I noted above is not only a problem seen in one browser as Devin said, it has seen in all of browsers (IE9, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera)


    Hi Sulker,

    We’ve given you the tools to fix the issue quite a few times in that topic. It just is not possible for us to tweak each individual users site and customization needs. We would never be able to offer support for every user if we did that.

    I recommend a freelance developer because if you put a list together of all the customization you want it could probably be done in a few hours in one single day. In the long run it would save you weeks of time as it doesn’t appear you are very familiar with basic css and html.

    I do understand your issue, I’m simply trying to offer the best advice I can and maintain our ability to help everyone as best we can.

    For this issue again, you can modify the sub menus to remove the negative placement since you’ve removed the border. This is what I mean when I say a freelance developer would be best in your case. One change in one area needs a fix in another often times if you aren’t aware of what you are changing.

    So the following change is needed:

    #top .catnav li ul ul {
    top: 0px;

    Where naturally, this would be a -1px from the top.




    Excuse me but, I could not see so work intensity. I could not see customers queue here? So how can you say that you would never able to offer support to the other customers if you interested with mine’s? Though if there will be a customers queue here, you should interest with our problems. Because we paid for.

    Please do not think my favor instead of me. I know how long time takes my customization, but I want to fix them by learning ingesting, by step by step, so when I have a problem I do not have to ask anyone.

    On the other hand, I do not write all of my issues at once, because may be I could find the answers in forum.

    Devin, you should be patient about our problems. No one threatened you with a gun to be a moderator to fix customers problems here.

    The solution you wrote above, you could do it before. So, why did you rebuff me instead of writing the solution? And there are many moderators here. If you bored to answering me, let the others do that. So I ask again: Where is Nick? He promised me to fix it. I want him to answer me. I’m glad the style of approach to customers of him. I do not want encounter a behavior here, as you done anymore. If you could not be patient, please do not answer me, please not to deal with me again.

    If you are really friendly in your regards wish, please be patient and really interest with our problems. You shouldn’t have a right to go off at half-cock.


    By giving the codes above, you fixed one of my 2 problems that I noted you. Now they are at same line, at the same alignment, that’s OK. But still, the menu boxes extend to right after waiting half a second. I want them fixed (stable I mean) as they should be and works normaly, not extending to right as now.

    PS: By hovering the mouse on first menu and then the second menu items (the category menu) you may see the difference and what I mean.



    You are taken very seriously by the support team. We h ave always given you the best of advise, care and expertise. I have personally stayed awake for days and nights until your twitter widget twitted, and even had to postpone Festivus this year. We will try harder and I am sorry.

    Please add this to the bottom of your custom.css file

    #top .catnav li {
    margin-left: 0px !important;
    right: 0px !important;

    This code will stop menu jump to right. I will check to see if you used it.




    Hi Nick,

    First of all thanks much to all your kindly and friendly helpings and behaviors. I believe and trust in your friendly behavior.

    May I ask to which address of mine sent you the mails? Because I didn’t receive anyone you wrote above. I’m glad and embarrassed to learn your workings on holiday.

    I deleted too much files after your post above. Now I have a more clean site. Please check it yourself. But though I clean it, the problem is going on.

    I have just a problem now. Just one little thing. I think you could overcome and debug this one.

    First please enter to my site:

    After that please hover your mouse over the first menu items. Dropdowning the menus… You see all they are normaly.

    Then please hover your mouse over the items of the second menu below. You will see opening dropdown menu but when they are opening

    the boxes extend to right a little bit after half a second tim later as it did not in first menu above.

    Do you understand what I mean?

    I want you to fix it. I believe you could do it.

    Best regards,



    Hey Nick!,

    Thanks man! You’re great… It works :) You don’t frustrate my hopes and thoughts about you. Special thanks to you. You’re really great!


    Oh no! But this time the second menu shifted to left. I want it laying wide on center and the space equal! Come on Nick! I believe you could do that.


    Hi Nick,

    I thinhk you missed “.sub-menu” in your code you gave above. So tried by adding “.sub-menu” like this and it works:

    #top .catnav .sub-menu li {

    margin-left: 0px !important;

    right: 0px !important;


    The menu stopped to jump right as you said, but I wonder if the sizes of menu icreasing or not? So how could we resize the menu box?



    Glad that everything worked out. I am not sure I understand your last question. Size of menu looks fine to me.




    Sometimes I write fastly and make typos. I mean decreasing the sizes of sub-menu boxes. The black one. How can we decrease the sizes of these boxs?



    In your second menu item, the words barely fit in the space available. The size is controlled with for all the boxes and to change that would require the menu to be rewritten. I think it looks very good.




    Ok Nick.. I trust you… :)

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