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    Hi! – usually I have come to love Kriesi’s themes because they are very polished and (almost) flawless, but in combination with WooCommerce things seem to be a bit more complicated.

    Noticed some ugly effects, esp. on the product pages for affiliate products.

    – buy now button is glued together with the tags and the sharing buttons and could really use some more white space to stick out and appear less “random”

    – the sharing buttons from WooCommerce overlap with the tags

    – gets worse the more tags/categories a product has

    – in the comment/rate tab the “rate…” text is displayed (I guess it should be an “alt”-text??), and is overlapping the stars in an ugly way


    All problems occur in Safari, Firefox, Opera.

    How can we get this fixed?




    Hi Elfenwald,

    Do you have an example of the issues online so I can take a look?




    thanks Devin – nope, development server, not yet live, that’s why I posted the screenshot.

    I changed the CSS in the meantime so it looks less crammed and the purchase button is bigger and better integrated and the “Bewerten..”/”Rate…” text is centered above the stars and looks less random.

    What you guys could look into: the display of the sharing buttons (if you activate sharing in the WooCommerce settings under “Integration”) really sucks…

    Or is there any other way to integrate sharing buttons on product pages that you could recommend that work and look great with Abundance? “Sexy bookmarks”, etc…. ?




    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll pass this along to Kriesi and see if we can get some css fixes in the next update.


    thanks! set to resolved & hoping to see improved sharing integration in one of the next releases!



    thanks for the help, a new relaese is about to be uploaded and should fix all of those problems :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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