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    1- I wonder that if it is able to resize the 2nd and 3rd columns without making them as one (1) column and without touching the 1st column.

    2- Also I want to learn that can’t we clean the lines extending from text area to right and left of page, under the header.

    3- Can the text area colored transparent (for example white transparent, you understand what I mean) or is it just a feature belongs to modern skin? Also can we set the text area as a different part from background in the other skins as in the modern skin?

    4- Can we replace a video in slide instead of an image?


    Hi sulker,

    1) Not that I know of. They don’t have any kind of specific css styling to tell one sidebar from another so modifying them individually isn’t something I know of a way to do.

    2) I’m not really sure what you mean here. Do you have a screenshot that you might be able to point me towards pointing to these lines?

    3) If you mean in the main slideshow area where the captions have a semi-transparent white background it can be modified with a bit of css to be a different color transparency or completely transparent.

    4) The slideshow only allows for images to be placed inside of it. You can however link to a video to be opened in a lightbox when an image is clicked.




    Hi Devin,

    1- For your first answer I get a satisfying answer from Ismael before.

    2- How can I send you this pic? Can you write your e-mail?

    3- I mean whole of the text area, including also slideshow, not only the slideshow area. I want a want an one-piece background out of text area. I don’t want a background as in skins light/dark/minimal.

    4- I did not mean what you say. I want a slide like this: Slide pic1–>video–>slide pic.2–>slide pic3 etc.

    Can’t we do this by changing some php/css codes?



    Please use to upload and write on any image. There are a number of addons to FireFox Chrome or Safari browsers that allow you to take a screen cast image and add arrows, boxes and text via

    I don’t understand the second part of your third question. But yes you can set background as white and give it between 0 and 100% transparency

    background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);



    The code above makes a white background with a 50% transparency and you would add the class name to the element you want to style .. a div, a table, etc…

    Please look at the theme demo regarding the slider. The second slide leads to a video., and the first leads to an image.




    Hi Nick,

    First of all I apoligize for my answering late. I uploaded the pic. as you want: You can see th lines taken in red draw. I mean that lines. How can I erase them from main page.



    Please add the code below to your custom.css file

    border-bottom: none;

    It is also part of the background image used in the demo . so if you would like it gone, just edit the background in Photoshop and erase it.

    Please let us know how it went!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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