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    This is my page:

    I am using Newscast skin 4 (modern). I changed the background. In original its size is 2344×700 pix as you know. First, I sized my page with this numbers but it wasn’t enough for good seen. Then I changed and resized it again to 2344×2100 as you see now. But I have still problems:

    1- When I reduced the IE9 page to %10 or sometimes %20, the lower part of text area lays on black background.

    2-By opening th page first it comes with black.

    3-The titles could be seen clear in IE9, but when I opened my page by using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the page does not seen clear and regular. Also the titles are blurred in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

    4-Also in my phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) I could not se page regular. What is the ideal size to replace background we made instead of skin 4, to have fine and clear sen in all explorers (IE9, chrome, mozilla, opera, etc.) and all phones (Samsung, Iphone, etc.) and all devices (laptop, netbook, Ipad, desktop, etc.)

    5-How can I resize my logo and place it on the top middle of my page?

    6-How can I set the distance between the titles to make them equal? Also can we place only 7 title in one line?

    Please help me to solve my problems.


    Won’t anyone answer?


    Hi sulker,

    Sorry about the delay! Lets take a look and see what we can do.

    1) What did you change to 10% or 20% ? I’m not sure what you have changed or what isn’t working correctly.

    2) If you mean the page background, the issue is your large image background needs time to load in. There isn’t anything that we can do about that. The best thing that you could do would be to reduce the file size of the background image to something a bit smaller in file size so that it loads in quicker.

    3) Could you point to something specific? I’ve taken a look at the site in Chrome and Firefox but I’m not seeing any major visual issues with the heading text.

    4) Perhaps the issue was just the slow loading time for the background. I’m not sure of anything else you can do to get more of the background loading on a mobile view but there should be nothing actually interfering with it from showing.

    5) First, you should load in your logo through the Newscast Options in the WordPress backend. Then just use any size logo that you want. The css for the area will need to be adjusted a bit depending on what size you use.

    However to get it centered, I don’t see a simple way of doing that without causing issues with cross browser compatibility and having to specifically place it with absolute positioning.

    6) As far as I know, there isn’t a way to get all the spacing for the categories/menu items to equal out so that it takes up the whole line. I think that this is what you are meaning here.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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