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    Hello Kriesi,

    I am finishing a new website with angular and I have some questions, maybe you can help me.

    I would like to change the typefaces of header and menu and replace with Museo. How could I achieve that?

    I cannot understand at all why headers are different in columns that in fullwidht. Where is this css rule?

    I have again my portfolio disordered. You could arrange that last time, but I have to install the theme again and the items are showing disordered. What should I do with that?

    And just another question, but this is a general one, how can I get the social media buttons at the end of the posts and portfolio items? Which widget would you recommend me?

    Thank a lot in adavnce



    Anyone can help me?

    Thanks again


    Hey Silviall,

    Sorry for the long response, looks like your original post got lost last week.

    Angular uses googlefonts so I’m not quite sure what the best process would be to add a font to be used. I’ll check on this and see if I come up with a solution.

    The CSS rule for the column headers is .flex_column h1,h2 etc. You can overwrite them if you’d like adding them to your custom.css and giving them new attributes.

    Here are all the Flex column header classes for quick reference:

    .flex_column h1 { font-size: 13px; }
    .flex_column h2 { font-size: 12px; }
    .flex_column h3 { font-size: 11px; }
    .flex_column h4, .flex_column h5, .flex_column h6 { font-size: 10px; }

    .flex_column h1, .flex_column h2, .flex_column h3, .flex_column h4, .flex_column h5, .flex_column h6{
    font: 13px/1.3em "HelveticaNeue", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    margin-bottom: 6px; font-weight:bold; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px;}

    I’m not sure what you mean by portfolio posts being disordered. Can you describe whats going on a bit more or provide a link so I can see the issue live?

    There is a list of recommended plugins here that should help:


    Hey Devin,

    thanks for your response.

    My link is here:

    The portfolio page (proyectos) is not ordered as it is supposed to. I can provide you with an admin account if you want to see what I mean. You can write me (contacto)

    The order of the items in portfolio section is not the same as they appear in proyectos page.


    You can also go to metablog page (metablog is a category of the blog) and the page is built with a dynamic template. If you click to read a single post, the title that is appearing at the top of the page is “Blog” and this is not correct, instead should show “metablog” I don´t know if I am explainign well at all.

    And what should I do for not showing the lightbox in some images? All the images that appear in metablog are having the zoom icon when you over the image, but I don´t need it. I think this is ok for portfolio images, but at the moment I don´t need it in the blog / metablog section.


    If you could take a look about how to change the headers to Museo, it would be lovely

    Thanks a lot


    the free version of the plugin “post types order” will help you re-arrange the order of your portfolio items. (I don’t know if this answers that question)



    1) Like jessipoo suggests use plugins like:

    2) See – it tells you how to change the “blog” text.

    3) You can use font-face: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / to implement any custom font of your choice.


    Hey, thanks a lot. I will try the plugins to rearrange the post for portfolio. They are showing now olders first, and this is not what I want

    Thanks again

    Great theme, it is so powerful. The possibility for having different layouts with drag and drop is awesome. I aim you to design all your themes like this one!


    Perfect, the plugin has arrenged the portfolio items by itself. Thanks a lot for the link



    Glad that we could help you. Status set to resolved.

    Best regards,


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