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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your great theme! The first one i really like!

    I have two questions, in chrome the site looks great ( but in firefox Vimeo video wont start (upper right) en the logo (in the middle) isn’t correct shown. In IE Vimeo starts but the logo isn’t correct shown.

    Can you help me with this one?

    Kind regards,



    Kriesi, can you look at this one please? It still is a problem and i checked everything for a solution….

    Thank you!


    Solved the logo issue, just 1 problem left!

    In the protfolio i set via “Add video or irame url by” with and it works on Chrome but not on Firefox……..

    Can you help??


    Could you please look into this problem? This seems to be a bug. (In the protfolio i set via “Add video or irame url by” with and it works on Chrome but not on Firefox……..)



    Hi fdeleeuwe,

    Try using a preview image for the video. Where you have the video in your featured media, click on the little movie wheel and then select an image to be shown instead of the vimeo player. Then, when a person selects the image it will open up within the browser like the other items and show the video.




    Hi Devin,

    so it is not possible to let it be shown on the portfolio page?


    When i do this it won’t show the preview image with Firefox……


    (I made a printscreen from the play butto so that you can see that it’s a movie)


    Hi Support members,

    The Vimeo video is still not working in Firefox (it works with IE and Chrome)

    After clicking on the firt of 4 photo’s and opening the new page the header text (Dienstverlening) isn’t shown correctly in Firefox.

    Can you please help me out here, i want to publish the site…….


    Hi fdeleeuwe,

    When I view the site with Firefox I’m not getting that issue. When I select any of the portfolio items I can navigate between them without any kind of textual or visual error. Is this with a specific version of Firefox or on a something other than a PC running windows 7?

    Also just to note, the preview screenshot for any video item automatically has a Play buttom overlay added to it so there isn’t a need to have one in the preview image.




    Hi Devin, thanks,

    Does the Vimeo item plays with Firefox when you try it on my site?


    Yes, the video plays without issue for me.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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