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    Hello there, hope somebody can help me…

    I have just installed shoutbox on my blog and (unfortunatly) I have 2 main problem to solve:

    First of all, the featured post slide bar doesn’t work: is letterally locked on the left.

    Another problem refers to the tabbed combo widged: each tab is displayed as a list, and not tabbed as it should be.

    Please see image below


    Please note that in both cases I tried to switch off all plugin w/o success..

    Can you help me?




    Hi Giacomo,

    What browser are you using? Also, can you give a specific page this is occurring on? I visited your website but didn’t see anything like the screenshot above.




    Hi Mya…usually I use FF V.14 but the error I described above is occurring also on Chrome 20 or 21.

    Abut the first problem, refers to the featured post on the home page, where the slide bar below the featured image doesn’t slide.


    The second problem, uhm yes, yesterday I temporarily removed the combo widget ad I forgot to re-add. Then I removed some old plugin and now seems working ok.

    Thanks for your support




    Okay, that can sometimes happen with plugins. As a matter of fact, looking at your first problem my first suggestion is going to be to try deactivating any remaining plugins to see if that corrects the issue with the slider.




    Hi Mya,

    I tried to deactivate all plugins without success… :(

    May be caused by some incompatibility issue with WP 3.5 alpha which installed for a mistake some weeks ago?




    Hi Giacomo,

    It looks and sounds like a javascript issue and I see a few errors when viewing the site. It looks like WP 3.5 is using jquery 1.8 which I’m pretty sure has not been tested with the theme yet.

    You’ll need to use the most recent release client of WordPress in order to get everything working properly. We can’t support nightly builds or test versions unfortunately due to the nature of how they work.




    Hi Devin,

    thats exactly what i thought…damn wp-betatester :( :(

    Now what I tried to do is upload only the 3.4.1 JS folder inside wp-includes in wp general folder, just to avoid some DB problem in downgrade all WP 3.5alpha to 3.4.1.

    Now (apparently) everithing seems workin good.

    Can you also check? Just to be sure ;)

    thank you so much for your support!





    The slider works fine. Glad it is fixed.



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