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    A bunch of diffrent questions this time regarding the porfolio:

    1. Can I change the order of the sorting categories menu on the portfolio page? And also the space between them?

    2. Im using the single page view for portfolio items. Is there any way to keep the menu when viewing a single portfolio? Like this: If possible, I would like to keep the actual category marked out (bold like in the example) and that when you click on an category, you’ll come to the porfolio page with the right categorys sorted out. I tried a solution with changing this part in funcions-eunoia.php:

    ‘html’ => “<div class='{class} title_container’><div class=’container’><h1 class=’main-title’>{title}</h1>{additions}</div></div>”,

    I changed the {title} to a link to the portfolio page. But Im missing the two functions i mentioned above (category marked out and direct link to the right category sorted out).

    3. How do I change the height proportions of the page? I would like a smaller space between the header with the main menu and the sorting categories and also a smaller space between the categories and the portolios.

    4. Can I change the maximum width of the page? I want to keep the responsiveness, but I think there is to much white on the sides on my regular screen (in other words I would like to have a width of around 1280px, so there is nothing white on a regular screen, only on widescreens with larger width).

    5. Can I remove the lightbox-effect when clicking on a portfolio image? I found the “Apply link to the image?” and changed it to “No link”, but then the link also is removed on the portfolio page so only the portfolio name is clickable.

    6. Can I change the small arrows (that change image) on the portfolio single page to something bigger? Ex. a bigger arrow on either side of the images.

    Just say if anything is unclear, it can be a bit hard to describe sometimes :)


    Before you put to much work in it, Im thinking of going over to Enfold instead, it feels like that theme already have much of the solutions Im seeking. I wonder though if I can get the greyscale overlay with it, Im heading over to the Enfold-forum to ask a couple of questions about it.


    Hi agarkitekter,

    Much of the above would need to be done via a freelance developer as its a bit more than what we can do via the support forums.

    The big difference between Enfold and Eunioa is the overall structure. Enfold is much more free form, there is not standard for the portfolio as its just a blank post type where you fill in the format for the item and set its single preview image.

    For 3, yes but it needs to be done with css added in to the custom.css file or Quick CSS field.

    For 5, yes this is the trade off when removing the link, otherwise you would need to modify the theme files.

    For 6, a combination of css and changing the image file can do that.

    The the others are out of our reach via support.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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