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    Hello My Friend!

    Please forgive the length of this inquiry my questions are fairly basic (I’m a newbie!)…

    I’m ecstatic with the purchase of your theme, HABITAT! Very cool!

    I have a few BASIC QUESTIONS I need your help with:

    A. Currently the ‘date sliders’ on the posts do not show the “tweet this” button as in the demo. Because I am going to have fairly short written posts with the emphasis on video, I want to be able to give the reader/viewer the option to send each post to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn directly from the ‘date sliders’. Is there code that I can use to make this happen and display the original icons in the ‘date sliders’ too?

    B. On the right hand sidebar I’d like at add text that says something like “You’re Invited! Follow Me…” and underneath I want to add the icons (and links) for RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Is there code that I can use to make this happen and display the original icons? Is this something that could be accomplished with the advertisement box?

    C. In the footer, I’d like to replace the ‘flicker’ link/icon with the LinkedIn link/icon. How can I make this happen?

    D. In the demo HABITAT theme under HOME there is a page named “static homepage #2” that has a full screen video option. Where in the menu do you enable this feature and can you enable the HOME page to look like this with standard written/video posts continuing down the rest of the HOME page?

    E. At the bottom of the demo HABITAT HOME page you can select page 1, 2, or 3. How do you enable this feature in the menu?

    Lastly, I am interested in learning about code. Can you recommend a good book, site or other reference where I could start with the basics?

    Thank you so much in advance for your help!

    I look forward to your reply,



    A. You can add a facebook “Like” button under the tweet button but it gets a little confusing, but if you want to give it a go, you need to take the code from here and follow these instructions here (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    If its too annoying, theres a plugin you can add that adds a like button at the bottom of every post instead of under the tweet button. You can find that here:

    B.Use the “Text” widget box and add it, go to whatever site you want to add the code, for example, twitters code would be here just choose whatever button style you want and copy the code that pops up and paste it in the text widget box. For the title you can put whatever you like what you said “You’re Invited, Follow me…”

    C. This is a little out of my reach and requires you edit some files, someone can hopefully help you with that.

    D.Technically theres no menu to enable that page. You would have to create a page under “pages” that looks like that with a “default template”, add a featured picture or video.. read what i wrote on this post to you: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-demo

    Avoid asking the same question in 2 different posts, it slows down the support response time for all of us.

    E. Those numbers are something called pagination, the numbers create themselves when there are enough posts to move on to the next page, so if you have it set for your blog to display 10 posts on the first page, it’ll automatically create a second page on the 11th post.

    And I can’t recommend a book but check out the codex on, its what every theme is built upon.

    Hopefully I answered everything correctly but I can’t guarantee it, I’m just answered from what I asked and experienced so far with messing around with this theme. Have fun, it’s a great theme!


    Hey thenameisfernando,

    Thanks for the great information -I really appreciate it!

    I will run through your suggestions!

    As for the re-posts, I actually thought I had offended someone by my joke in the subject line.

    When I hadn’t heard anything back I thought it would be a good idea to abbreviate the posts and drop the jokes. -Sorry to have cogged the system man, that was not my intention.

    And I do appreciate your kind advice.

    You’re a saint man!!!



    haha no worries man, i doubt anyone would get offended, unless they don’t have a sense of humor lol, i found it funny because i felt the same way when i first started using themes on wordpress. its overwhelming for first time people, so if i see a question someone needs help with, i try to answer it lol

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