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    Hi Everyone, I was trying to change the color for WooCommerce from the options menu and it wouldn’t change. I wanted to change the color of the add to cart button.

    For everyone who may have this problem, I found an easy solution. I’m using chrome, but I hear this works on Firefox as well.

    1. Find the add to cart button, and right click it.

    2. Click on Inspect Element

    3. The bottom will pop up and you’ll see two boxes, one big and one small on the right, on the right hand side and you’ll see color boxes that you can click on and select for whatever color you like for the font, button color etc.

    This is the way the code needs to be for it to work in the custom .css

    #top .button, #top .submitbutton {
    background-color: rgb(61, 255, 0);!important;

    Here is a Screenshot of what I’m talking about: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-11.22.21-PM.png

    I only changed the button color itself in this, if you want to change the text font you can copy/paste that code with the color you want below background-color and it should work.

    The only part of the code that needs to be changed depending on the color is the: rgb(61, 255, 0) which is the actual color you are changing. Also it’s important to add the !important; at the end, otherwise it won’t show up it seems. I took this !Important from another code that was posted here for a similar problem in Propulsion and it worked when I added it.

    I hope this helps anyone who encounters this problem, it was frustrating until we learned this trick.





    Thanks Nicolas for sharing your solution :)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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