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    Hi there! I’d like to swap out the icons for the social bookmarks in the sidebar. Right now, boring gray. Would like to replace them with my brand color using the iconSweets icons you recommended in another thread. (Did a search for my question, couldn’t find the answer – but was happy to see the info on the icons!)

    Where exactly can I find the code to replace them? I tried using Firebug, but it’s saying minimal-skin.css and that is not listed in the Editor page.

    Thanks for the help. I love this theme! :)




    the code is indeed located in minimal-skin.css – however the file is located in a subfolder (flashlight/css/minimal-skin.css) and wordpress will not list it. You can use ftp clients like filezilla to download and upload the modified file.


    Ahhh, that explains why I could not find it. Thanks so much, Dude! :)


    Oh even better – I didn’t have to touch the code at all after downloading. Simply used the IconSweets icons in my brand color and uploaded them with the file name already in place in the CSS file. YEAH! :)


    Coming back to this… I took the same images, swapped the color in Photoshop, and uploaded them to the appropriate folder just now. Color didn’t change. I deleted the images from both the dark and minimal skins. Still there on my page in the old color. I did a search in my file manager for the deleted files – they didn’t show up. I am baffled. I’m just trying to change the color and I can’t figure out why despite deleting, uploading the new, making sure the names weren’t being used elsewhere on file manager… Nothing is changing – they have remained the same color as previously.

    It was so simple the first time I did this 8 months ago… Why would it be difficult now? :(


    NM… It somehow resolved itself. Just took a while. :)



    Maybe because of the browser cache and history. Anyway, glad it is fixed.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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