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    I have tried several different social media plugins and none of them work correctly with Newscast and IE10 or Chrome.

    Even the ones that are suggested to be used don’t work properly. A common issue with most of the social plugins and Newscast is that the minute it is activated it pushes down all the left justified content under the featured image on the posts or makes lines across the entire page. The only social plugin which seems to semi work is socalized but it isn’t aesthetically pleasing and would love to use a classier social plugin like Flare

    Which social plugins are people using on their newscast theme sites – i am looking for a classy looking plugin to compliment my site


    Ok I thought Socialize worked but can’t get it to work as well with Newscast – I would really like to hear which plugins others are using that are working.


    Hi Jana1975,

    You might want to check this thread:




    Hi Ismael I have tried all those plugins to only have them not work with IE10 and or Newcast

    The second line in my first post said “even the suggested plugins” – what social plugins are people using successfully with Newscast?

    Digg – Causes major issues in IE10 with Newscast

    Socialize – Can’t do a floating bar in Newscast because it puts it on top of the content and can’t move it far enough off the content without it all together disappearing.


    Hi Jana1975,

    Outside of those in the suggestion thread its up to either trial and error or just adjusting the css of a specific plugin to fit your needs. Most of the more quality ones have good documentation on how to modify them.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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