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    Amazing theme, thanks very much.

    I would like to know if its possible to move the small box containing the rss, twitter and facebook links, currently sat at the bottom of the scroll, up the sidebar to directly beneath the “pages” section and have it remain there on every page and post on the site please?

    How do I also colour these link buttons in my sites default colour, hex code: #531c7e ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Pete –



    this should be possible. Open up sidebar.php and move the code part between following two code lines:

    ####### SOCKET CONTAINER #######


    ####### END SOCKET CONTAINER #######

    before following code line:


    2) I’m not sure what “link buttons” you’d like to change. I.e. the contact form button: has the right color. Please elaborate.


    wow, super quick response, thanks very much, i’ll get to it in a minute.

    I meant the RSS, twitter and Facebook buttons as the ones I hoped to colour.


    These buttons are images and they’re not included as psd files because of the icon set license. It was possible to buy the “source files” for the icons here: for 3$ but it seems like the author released a new icon pack and removed the old set. Maybe you want to contact him for the “old” icon set source files.



    I would also like to adapt these buttons, at least I would like to change the rss button into a tumblr button and link accordingly. I’m sure I could create such an icon to match the design myself, but how would I then go about integrating it?

    Similarly, I want to change the link/content of the copyright notice in this same box, to read and link to something else. I’ve found roughly where I think I need to do this, within the SOCKET CONTAINER section of the sidebar.php ? But I’m not exactly sure which part to change?



    Hi again, I figured how to custom the buttons as per my question above. But I still need to know how to change the copyright info. Having wrong copyright info displayed is pretty important.

    I want to be able to change the visual content of the clickable text, and have it link to an outside url. I’m guessing it’s SOMEWHERE between lines 98 and 102 in the sidebar.php, but trial and error is just causing…error.


    Which theme are you using? Flashlight uses the sidebar to display the copyright info. Open up sidebar.php and adjust the text in following line:

    echo "<span class='copyright'>".__('© Copyright','avia_framework')." <a href='".home_url('/')."'>".get_bloginfo('name')."</a></span>";

    Replace the home_url code with your own link target…i.e.


    changes to:




    I managed to change the link location with your advice, but I’m still not sure where to change the viewable content of the hyperlink without breaking it? The name/content seems to be dynamically generated from the title of the site, so I’m not sure how to force a simple visible text change?




    to change the linked text you can edit the line Dude referred to, replace


    by your wanted text, you have to edit the entire code including the quotation marks, so for plain text you can remove them.


    awesome, thanks. sorted it now.


    Glad that Chris could help you :)


    Hi Guys, in response to my original post, the if(!$nowidgets_left) line does not exist in this latest update, how do I move the copyright box and social media buttons up again now please?


    Hi Pete,

    I just re-downloaded the latest version of the theme and the ” if(!$nowidgets_left)” is on line 60 so you should be able to follow the old directions and get the same result.



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