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    I want the links of my social media icons (top of page) to ‘open in new window’ – is this possible and if so how?



    Open up coherenceincludeshelper-social-media.php and replace:

    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";


    $html .= "<a target='_blank' href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";


    Thx Dude.

    I made the changes locally to file (on my computer) but unsure where the file is on my host’s server so it can be replaced.

    (I tried simply ‘putting it’ from Dreamweaver but the social media links haven’t changed).

    Can you point me to where the file is located on the server? I realize each server may be set up differently but perhaps file structure is the same?

    Appreciate the help.



    The file can be found in the wp-content/themes/coherence/includes folder. Maybe you need to use a ftp software to access the file.




    Thx Dude.

    Found I could just make changes from Appearance/Edit Themes to edit files on host server and therefore no need to change code in Dreamweaver and FTP up to server.

    Appreciate the prompt assistance.

    Loving the theme!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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