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    I would prefer to have all social media icons open a new tab or window rather than in the same window. There does not appear to be an option for this so I assume I would need to edit the php in one of the theme files? If so where?

    Also if this is the only route is there a child theme available to ensure future updates don’t overwrite any changes?


    Hi Adendum,

    There isn’t currently a child theme already create but the change is pretty simple. Open includes>helper-social-media.php and look for:

    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";

    replace that line with:

    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."' target='_blank'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";

    So that the target blank gets added to all social media links.





    Perfect. Many thanks.

    What are the chances of having a child theme in the future?


    Unlikely. I know it has been asked for from time to time but so far Kriesi has not added one to any of the themes.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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