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    The Facebook buttons on my website no longer appear to be working. I’m unsure about the Twitter buttons, as I don’t have a Twitter account. I’d also like to add buttons for Pinterest “Pin it”. Can anyone provide any insight as to what the issue might be. The buttons I’m referring to those are those that show up under my blog posts, and images when opened in lightbox.

    My website



    What social plugin are you using?




    I’m fairly certain, other than “Add Facebook Share Thumbnail + Meta”, I’m not using any plugin at all. At the time I implemented the facebook and twitter buttons, I hard coded them in the necessary locations to avoid using another plugin (or perhaps there wasn’t a good enough one available at the time). Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten where I would’ve placed that code, I’ve gone through a lot of editing with this template and some things just tend to escape my memory. Is there a social plugin you’d recommend? If so, would I need to find the original coding and delete it to avoid any interference?



    We recommend these plugins.

    On the next update, please create a backup of your modified theme files to avoid overriding them with the new files.




    With regards to the next update, would you be referring to WordPress or is there an update coming to this theme? I have two prior backups on hand actually.



    Ismael is referring to the theme files – always make sure that you don’t overwrite customized theme files if you don’t have a backup of these files.

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    Ah, well I understand that… but I’m not about to go replace all of my theme files just to get rid of the current facebook coding. I just need to know where the coding for those twitter and facebook buttons are, delete it, and implement one of these plugins. They’ve been there for years, many backups ago.



    Did you remove the social button codes on your blog? I don’t see them now. I thought maybe you added the code on single.php.




    No, not yet… they should still be there. They never showed up on the main blog itself, only on the individual entry pages and each image in it’s lightbox. Working on it though, single.php is a good place to start though, thanks.


    I’ve now removed them, and I’ve attempted using both plugins you’ve suggested… however, the buttons also appeared at the bottom of my page in the newsfeed (or latest news) section. I’d prefer not to have them there, currently searching for other methods.


    UPDATE: Using, I’ve gotten social buttons in most of the locations I’d like, and managed to eliminate them in others. All seem to be working fine now, however I was unable to get the fb like button to work in prettyphoto. It appeared fine, but upon liking would never send anything to facebook. I know this worked at the time when I first implemented it, and I’d assume it probably has to do with a change in coding or policy on facebook’s part. Nevertheless, no changes I made seem to fix the issue, so I’ve removed the like button from prettyphoto for the time being.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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