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    In the theme option page you must write the social icon URL. Where do I find that? Also how do you make the social page open in a separate page?


    with SOCIAL ICON URL its not meant the URL to the ICON. there u have to paste your link to your facebook site for example:

    thats all, and the SOCIAL ICON will open your link.

    to open it in new window i guess you have to edit the helper-social-media.php located in this directory:


    i think you have to paste the target blank code.

    but i dont know where exactly :)


    would be nice to know too, how u can change the colour for the contact circle which is green now!?


    ok i found the colour code if u need it:


    a, div .social_bookmarks_mail .css_3_hover

    {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#555; }

    change the #555 for your needed colour.



    If you want to make the social icons open in new windows, open up includes>helper-social-media.php and search for:

    $html  = "";
    $html .= "<".$this->args['inside']." class='".$this->args['class']."_".$icon['social_icon']."'>";
    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";
    $html .= "</".$this->args['inside'].">";

    Replace it with:

    $html  = "";
    $html .= "<".$this->args['inside']." class='".$this->args['class']."_".$icon['social_icon']."'>";
    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."' target='_blank'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";
    $html .= "</".$this->args['inside'].">";

    Now save the file and make sure its back in the same folder on the server so that it replaces the old one.




    works great. thx. searched for it too.

    there are loads of questions in forum to open links with new window.

    i hope kriesi will add this for the future to the theme options.

    thx :)


    Thanks. I have never done that before. It worked.


    Glad that worked for you!

    Each of the themes handles it a bit differently and I have some step by step guides floating around here for most of them though, yes it would be nice if kriesi added the option in the admin area :)



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