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    Hi i want to be able to put a link to another page on the social icons area, i need to put a link to another language page, and define a icon like a flag. How can i do that?


    By the way, i look at the post (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    by on my header.php can’t find those lines

    if($twitter = avia_get_option(‘twitter’)) echo “<li class=’twitter’>Twitter“;
    if($facebook = avia_get_option(‘facebook’)) echo “<li class=’facebook’>Twitter“;
    <li class=”pinterest”>Pinterest


    Hi marcoev,

    The function for the social icons has been completely redone in Coherence so those directions no longer apply. What you would need to do is add in the code for your own function into includes>helper-social-media.php. Unfortunately, its not quite as simple as just adding your own line since its a completely new function and I’m not sure what the best avenue is to add a single custom icon in.

    I’ll flag a senor support crew to take a look at this as well as Kriesi.




    Sad to hear is a complicated thing, what would be a good choice is to have a personal link on those options for social icons, where i can simply register the link and the icon, all that from the coherence panel, that way we have a more flexible design.

    So i will wait for a solution.

    by the way another option but for this forum is to put a suscribe me to this post, because i’m not always can go to this site to check if there is a response.


    The easiest solution would be to replace an existing social icon (images/icons) with your flag and then choose this social service in the backend and enter your custom url into the url field. Like Devin mentioned above the new helper-social-media.php is quite complex and relies on some options – therfore you’d need to edit 3 or 4 files (probably helper-social-media.php, register-admin-options.php and css/custom.css) to add a new service. I’ll ask Kriesi to add a filter to the function – it will help us to hardcode certain links by using functions.php.


    Ok, i will try to change an icon for a flag, hope with that would be enough for my client.


    Ok, already do that, kind of weird, because can’t find any flag of spain in White tone, did a desaturation, but now, is not something that’s obviuos (change language), how can i set a tooltip or hint for that?

    or if there another option for the language, the problem is if i set a link on any side, when the resolution is lower, those dissapear, so i need to put something on top, next to top welcome message or on the social icons.


    Hey! Adding a tooltip could be difficult I guess since you would need to modify the whole social icons function and add css and add a javascript file to show and hide those tooltips.

    I would recommend to manually change the background color of your language tooltip and use a color flag that stands out a little. that would definitley be the easiest way


    Ok, so then where do i have to update the css to register the tooltip (title)? i try on quick css with the next text:

    .social_bookmarks_myspace li{

    title=”Ver sitio en Español”


    i really don’t know if this is right


    Found the solution, modify the helper_social_icon.php, on the line 62, add the next code:

    if ($icon[‘social_icon’] == ‘myspace’){
    $html .= “<“.$this->args[‘inside’].” class='”.$this->args[‘class’].”_”.$icon[‘social_icon’].”‘ title=’Ver sitio en Español’>”;
    $html .= “<“.$this->args[‘inside’].” class='”.$this->args[‘class’].”_”.$icon[‘social_icon’].”‘>”;

    i use the myspace icon for my flag option



    Glad you fixed it. :)



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