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    How can I add new social bookmark or modify one (I would like to add vimeo & youtube account)?

    For example, I have replaced the dribbble icon in my custom CSS and link in my footer.php with vimeo icon and link. The icon work fine, when I put my mouse on the icon, I can see the correct vimeo link on my navigator but when I click on it, it doesn’t work, I have a prettyphoto loader that appear and nothing else…

    Any help? Thanks in advanced.


    Any help??



    sorry for the delay, could you link to your page so I can have a look at it?



    Don’t be sorry, the support here is already very fast! I wanted to be sure you did not leave my message :o)

    Ok, the url is I replaced the dribble URL by my vimeo…

    In general, have you some tutorial to modify or add social bookmark ?

    Thank you!


    Please add a rel=”noLightbox” to your vimeo link like:

    <a href="" rel="noLightbox">Follow us on Vimeo</a>

    Otherwise it will open in the lightbox. The same applies to youtube and other video services.



    I’m sorry but it doesn’t work :o( as you can see here :

    and if you see at how can I add my vimeo (or other) social bookmark next to the title?

    and how can do if I won’t display social bookmark next the title like my contact page, but only on the footer?


    Yeah! it’s work with [ class=’noLightbox’ ]

    But I can’t find how can I do if I won’t display social bookmark next to the title (as you can see on my contact page), but only on the footer?


    You need to add the ref attrubute to the a href tag. The link content/text itself doesn’t change anything.


    ok… but with rel=”noLightbox” it doesn’t work…

    Thank you…



    At this point I’m unsure what you’re trying to do. Maybe it’s me – if it’s easier for you to explain your issue in French/Dutch/German we will support in those languages too. This way we’re certain what we’re talking about and we’ll be able to help you with specific instructions.



    Sorry for my english, I’m trying in french…

    Pour la partie lightbox, le problème est règlé. Cela fonctionne avec class=’noLightbox’, j’indiquait cependant que si je mets rel=”noLightbox” cela ne fonctionne pas et il y a toujours un popup vide qui se lance. Mais peu importe, cela est parfait avec class=’noLightbox’.

    Le second sujet est : comment supprimer les “social bookmark” qui apparaisse en en-tête, entre le champs de recherche et le titre d’une page? je ne trouve pas sur quel document php ils se trouvent et si j’indique social_bookmark { display : no; } évidement aucun ne s’affichent y compris ceux contenu dans le footer.





    .title_meta .social_bookmarks{display:none;}


    Yeah it working fine!

    Thanks for your patience!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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