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    I’ve changed the brightbox theme to minimal-skin.css and changed the background colour to pure white, while having the font colour pure black. This is what I wanted, but now because the background is pure white, the social bookmarks have all gone white as well, thus blending in with the header and right at the bottom of the footer, This is a problem because I cannot see them, nor can anyone else who comes on my website. Is it possible to manually change the colour of the social bookmarks, so the Facebook Twitter and RSS Feed buttons can stand out on my page? both on the header and at the footer?



    you can download the icon set from here: and change the icon/image color as you like. Then replace following 3 image files with the changed icons:




    By default they’re 24x24px.


    Hey thanks for the help, but could you be more descriptive please? I’ve downloaded the iconset, but how then do I change the colour of the three icons?


    The easiest way to change the color:

    1) Open up iconSweets 2 – 64×64.psd file.

    2) Search for the icon layers (facebbok, twitter, rss icon)+

    3) Afterwards click on the arrow (right side, next to the fx “effects” symbol).

    4) Search for the “Gradient” layer effect (I use the german version of photoshop so I’m not sure how the option is called in English). It’s the third layer effect from the top and most times the first one from the bottom.

    5) Now a window pops up which offers several options. One option is the color field (propably with the caption “Gradient” in English). Click on it.

    6) Another window pops up which allows you to edit the gradient. By clicking on the small colored squares under the arrows you can change the gradient color.

    7) Repeat 3) – 6) for all icons and save them as 24px x 24px icons (i.e. resize them) to:





    Hello again! I’m new to Photoshop and so I’, not used to some of the options explained above. When you mention the “arrow (right side, next to the fx “effects” symbol)” I do not know where to locate this arrow.

    I’ve brought up the Gradient layer and can click on the Facebook icon, but how do I save it as an individual icon image?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while and nothing has come of it yet.



    I’d use the cut tool to export individual icons. Click on the cut tool icon (i.e. by using the toolbar on the left side). Afterwards you can enter dimension values for your cut selection (two text fields appear on the top bar, one for the width and one for the height – enter 64px in both fields). Now draw a square with the selecion tool (should be exact 64px x 64px) and adjust this square so that surrounds your icon. Now cut out the icon, resize the image from 64px to 24px and export it as png. With Ctrl + Z you can revert the “cut out” step and select the next item….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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