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    Alright, I’m a total WordPress noob who just bought your theme from I found a few responses to some of the questions I had, but couldn’t find anything based on the questions I have below. Here is a link to my site

    Any help is very much appreciated!

    -For some reason there are too many Facebook “like” buttons, one on each page is sufficient, or is there an option to remove them for

    specific pages?

    -Almost every page thinks it is a shopping page except the “galleries” one (I did the solution you provided to user “simplelight”

    and am still having the same problem where it says “All Products” on the top of the pages. His solution to that problem, was to disable the Woocommerce plugin. Which I do not want to do because I’d like to sell my work straight from my website.

    -Instead of, I would like to make this sites address (which is currently my main website but

    I hate the layout) Is it possible to do this?

    -Would love for the home page to be my galleries, having trouble uploading specific sections. I would like to use the “Classic 3” one

    with names of different galleries underneath the thumbnail images. Ie, “Canadian Rockies, New Zealand, etc Having a lot of trouble setting this up for some reason.

    -When setting up the shop, is it possible to link it to the gallery or make it part of it instead of a separate shop page? To explain,

    I’d like it if people could check out my galleries, and if they see an image they like, click a “buy now” button under the image. I

    would need a drop down menu as well, as I sell many different sizes and aspect ratios of my work.

    -Having trouble resizing the background image to auto re-size for different displays

    -Is this theme able to re-size itself so that everything fits on the page without having to scroll down?

    -The blog page is not importing any of my blogs, how do I go about doing this? I would like to have all my blog posts imported here.

    -Not sold on the blog layout right now, would like the white part to extend past the images on the right, is it possible to change that? Or am I going to have to make the images smaller.


    And in regards to the blog thing, I did exactly as your videos show, but my blog page still shows up as you can see when you go to the website.



    1) I think this is a problem of the facebook like plugin. It uses various hooks and in this case they’re triggered too often. If the plugin offers a php code snippet (which helps you to implement it maually) I’d use this php code and add it to includes/loop-index.php before following line:

    </div><!--end post-entry-->

    You can also add it to loop-masonry.php and loop-page.php.

    2) I can’t find the link?

    3) Go to the Flashlight options panel and set any page as frontpage and another page as blog page (I think it’s the first option tab) there.

    4) You could set a portfolio (overview) page as frontpage. First create a page, go to the options panel > portfolio tab and select this page as portfolio page. Then add your portfolio categories, etc. to this portfolio page. At least select this portfolio page front page (first option tab).

    5) You can insert links into the content (crosslinks between these posts) but it’s not possible to mix products with galleries and vice versa.

    6) Can you elaborate please? The fullsize background images seems to display fine for me?

    7) No.

    8) You can use plugins like the wordpress importer: to import/export existing posts.


    Thanks so much for the quick replies! Sorry you have to deal with a noob like me. I am incredibly tired right now so I apologize if I’m not being clear enough in my writing.

    1) That is odd, I added that line you suggested, and while it didn’t remove the like buttons, the images loaded into my galleries page, Haha

    2) Try this link you can see it says “All Products” on the top, and in yellow, “no products match your selection”

    3) I did exactly that, and nothing happened….

    4) I’m not following what you are saying….

    5) That’s too bad.

    6) Hmm, it seems to be working now on my laptop….Ill have to check my desktop when I get home in two weeks.

    8) ok, I have the plugin installed, but these are the instructions…

    The quickest method for installing the importer is:

    1. Visit Tools -> Import in the WordPress dashboard

    2. Click on the WordPress link in the list of importers

    3. Click “Install Now”

    4. Finally click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”

    When I click on the wordpress link in the list of importers, it say this

    Import WordPress

    Howdy! Upload your WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file and we’ll import the posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags into this site.

    Choose a WXR (.xml) file to upload, then click Upload file and import.

    Choose a file from your computer: (Maximum size: 10MB)

    There is no “install now” button. How do I go about creating a “WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file”?


    Ok, you can ignore all my previous comments. I do have one more question though.

    -When I go to my blog page, I would like at least one of the images to show up on a preview above the snippets of blog posts. Right now it just shows an excerpt of my blog with all the blogs in a list. I know the images are there when I click on the individual blog posts but is it possible to have one image as a preview to the blog when it lists them all. (let me know if my explanation makes any sense haha)



    sorry for the delay. You can, only when creating a page add a Featured Image to the right of your page. If you’ve set the “Blog Overview Image layout” option to “Show image above entry” in the General Settings it should display an image above your post, in the list.

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