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    I have some problem with the smooth slider widget which u can see on my site -> right sidebar below tag cloud

    I think slider uses default theme css – so i would like to properly align the text in the slider like in rest of the widgets content.

    Now it has to much right and top margin or padding.

    Also there is second issue with this underlains in the widgets on the right sidebar. As u can see there is too many of them (those below pictures). How can i remove them.



    1) In your style.css find the following, here you can adjust the line-height.

    .sidebar .box li a

    2) In your style3.css find the following and remove the border.

    .sidebar .box li a, .box .recentcomments, .entry ul li

    do the same for this if this isn’t enough:

    #main ul


    Second issue resloved;

    But as far as this smooth slider goes:

    line-hight is already adjusted,

    but text has to much right margin or padding – only in this widget

    also there is to much space between image and text


    i just manage to stretch text in the slider, but whole widget has to much left margin/padding


    I can’t find the slider anywhere – can you post a link please? Or did you remove it?


    slider is in the right sidebar as a second widget

    it this one under: “POLECAMY”


    it appears on a homepagge only

    problem is, that it has to much left margin



    in your style3.css add this to the bottom:

    padding-left:0 !important;}


    sweet – margin-left: 0 become helpful.

    every widget can by customized this way?

    because i have one more little problem which u can see here -> /

    live preview on the page.

    I would like to have bigger space between heading and picture in the LEFT side widget (special recent post).

    Now when i change .box h3 it does effect all the widgets.


    To the bottom of your style3.css you can add:



    ok, it worked with importat.

    glad u could help :)



    Glad that Chris could help you :)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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