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    is it possible to change the height of the blog images (incl. preloader/overlay of them) at a 3 column frontpage, where 3 blog posts excerpts are showing?

    Normally these 3 column image sizes are 290×200 px and I would like to have just 130×200 px.

    How can I solve this?


    I have found something in the forum here:

    I have changed in the functions.php:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['grid8'] = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>130); // two/third image

    and then regenerated the thumbnails with the plugin, but it has no effect, the blog images at the 3 columns at my frontpage stay the same 290x200px instead of 130x200px.

    I don’t want to change the height of the 3 column PORTFOLIO image sizes! Only for the 3 column blog post preview images!

    Any idea?



    You need to change the dimensions of following size:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['grid6'] 		= array('width'=>450, 'height'=>160); 		// half sized images when using 4 columns

    Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails…


    Thanks, are you sure? I have 3 columns, not 4, at my frontpage showing the last 3 blog post preview images.

    These images should be 290×130 px and so I have changed now in function.php (all heights to 130px):

    /*preview images for special column sizes of the dynamic template. you can remove those if you dont use them, it will save performance while uploading images and will also save ftp storage*/

    $avia_config = array('width'=>450, 'height'=>130); // half sized images when using 4 columns

    $avia_config = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>130); // two/third image

    $avia_config = array('width'=>690, 'height'=>130); // three/fourth image

    Then I regenerated the thumbnails and reloaded my frontpage – it has no effect at all.

    Or is it perhaps something of the others in functions.php?

    //register additional image thumbnail sizes that should be generated when user uploads an image:

    global $avia_config;

    $avia_config = array('width'=>36, 'height'=>36 ); // small preview pics eg sidebar news

    $avia_config = array('width'=>130, 'height'=>130); // small images for related items (also for small blog overview images)

    $avia_config = array('width'=>210, 'height'=>160); // small preview pic for default portfolio (4 columns )

    $avia_config = array('width'=>290, 'height'=>200); // medium preview pic for 3 column portfolio

    $avia_config= array('width'=>183, 'height'=>160); // medium preview pic for 3 column portfolio with sidebar

    $avia_config = array('width'=>450, 'height'=>300); // medium preview pic for 2 column portfolio and small 3d slider

    $avia_config = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>255); // image for pages and one column portfolio

    $avia_config = array('width'=>450, 'height'=>255); // image for blog posts (big)

    $avia_config = array('width'=>930, 'height'=>370); // big images for fullsize pages and fullsize 2D & 3D slider

    $avia_config = array('width'=>930, 'height'=>523); // big images for single portfolio pages

    $avia_config = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>370); // big Image for aviacordion


    your tip has no effect at all … any other idea?


    Is anybody still here at this forum?


    still having this problem …


    ok, just found Kriesi’s post at Facebook with the new forum system, sorry. According to this, I bump this up :-)



    Guess what you want to accomplish is a little more complicated since you need to define a new image thumbnail size and then apply it. so first of all open functions.php and add a new line of code reading:

    $avia_config = array('width'=>130, 'height'=>200);

    then open the helper-templates.php file in your includes folder and scroll down to the columns function (arround line648)

    Since I guess you want to only change the size for the fullwidth template you only need to modify the line that says:

    '1-3' => array( 'grid'=>'grid4' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'portfolio3'),


    '1-3' => array( 'grid'=>'grid4' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'funky_blog'),

    then regenerate the thumbnails and you should be done. this will only work if you use 3 columns on a fullwidth page.

    let me know if this does the trick


    thanks, Kriesi, I will give it a try.



    let me know if it works ;)




    Sorry, have forgot about this issue in the last weeks; worked a lot at NEWSCAST at my other site.

    Just want to let you know, that this solution, Kriesi, works like a charm and is exactly what I needed.

    I made the images 290x130px for the 3 column blog posts at the starting page, which looks more “elegant” at my site with this size:

    Thanks a lot for your help, appreciate!



    Glad that Kriesi could help you :)

    Best regards,


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