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    I need to place small photos under the principal product photo.

    Can you explain me the steps to do it.



    Click on the “Add product gallery images” link in the right sidebar (“Product Gallery” option field) and select some existing images from the media gallery or upload your images with the default wordpress media uploader.



    Where exactly is the “Add product gallery images” button.

    Can you explain me the steps to get to it.




    I made a quick screen cast:





    Thanks for the video.

    The thing is that the area called “Image Gallery” does not appers in my WP Admin Panel.

    ¿Maybe I have to activate it somewhere in order to get it in my WP Admin Panel?


    Hi especta,

    Make sure you are running wordpres 3.5.1, WooCommerce 2.0.5 and Replete 1.3.1.

    You can also try going to the top of the screen when viewing a product and clicking on Screen Options then see if the option is available as a unchecked checkbox.





    I´m running wordpress 3.5.1 that´s OK.

    I´m running Replete 2012 21 01 – Version 1.1

    And the WooCommerce 1.6.6.

    ¿What can I do, because this versions of Replete and WooCommerce are not the newest?


    You’ll need to update the theme files and WooCommerce then. WooCommerce can be done through the Plugins section of WordPress.

    For the theme files, you need to re-download them from Themeforest under your Downloads. Then unzip that main file so that you see the file by itself. You can then install that file just like you did the first time.





    But I am worrie to lose all the changes and work I have done.

    If I do this Update work I have to start from the beggining the instalation and changes in the page?

    Do you Know if I can just add the part of the gallery products?


    Updating the theme files doesn’t change any of the settings or options but you will need to update the theme and plugin to get the gallery option in the way Peter has shown in the screenr screencast.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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