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    I use sometimes Chrome browser and found this bug or error ;)

    here preview:


    How can i clear that?



    It’s following code (more exactly the image) which causes this behavior of Chrome:

    <a class='alignleft preloading_background'  href=" (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /" title="Elegant Cube WordPress Premium Theme" ><img class='rounded alignleft'  src='' alt='' title='Elegant Cube WordPress Premium Theme' height='60 ' width='60' /></a><p>Elegant Cube from WPYuzu is a great theme for entertainment related blogs or photo blogs! </p>

    I’m not sure which plugin, widget, etc. produces this code but the strange thing is that the image “466-60×60.png” isn’t visible for me (Firefox, Safari, Chrome on Win7).

    The Dude


    Envato Marketplace Items plugin with widget function and Expose Advertising widget.(at footer)



    Are you running any plugins or addons for Chrome? I can see the image directly in Firefox / Safari / Chrome on Mac.

    Try looking at the image directly in Chrome, does it work?×60.png



    thanks for support James,

    yes i can see this image with Chrome but i cannot explain myself how did i do it ? :(

    I tried another browsers too…I see only with Chrome



    If the image isn’t being blocked directly, and I see it fine on Chrome it might be down to a plugin / add-on for Chrome interfering. It’s also possible that a firewall rule (on the computer / network or from your ISP) is causing this to not load properly.

    Is this on Windows / OS X / Linux or another OS?

    Try on another computer to see if the problem is localised to your machine or affects others too.



    I use Chrome without plugin.I tried with another computer too, same problem.

    OS:Windows 7 Ultimate and XP Pro SP3



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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