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    I have a problem with the arrow slideshow that is display on my home page

    the arrow are small (and display at right bottom of the slideshow) :


    and i would like arrows like this (at the left and right) :





    Hi fraktale,

    Try changing your Slideshow Options on that page to Fade Slider and the Full Width Slider.





    slideshow options stil was fade slider and fullwidh slider.

    it seems that the problem came from the template builder…

    i add two slideshow in the template builder and only the first one have the left/right arrow, the 2d one have the right/bottom arrow.

    and when in the template builder i put any elements (textarea / page split / post-page content / etc…) above a slideshow it display the right/bottom arrow


    The reason is that the “big arrow buttons” are part of the “featured slider” which is only used if the slider is located at the very top of the page (after the main menu). If the slider is part of the content (eg because you want to use another element first) Choices will uses the “standard slider” instead of the “featured slider”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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