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    im having some issues with people complaining about our website loading slowly. our hosting server says that we have too many plugins. ive removed any plugins that we dont have active.

    can kriesi support check the loading of my site and let me know if it looks like the newscast theme is loading normally or is it slow?

    if you think it is slow, can you let me know if you think it might be plugins that causes this or could it be a slow server? or both??

    i can list the plugins im using if needed.

    thanks for the help.



    one other thing. its also slow when im in the backend of wordpress. if i click on posts, it takes ages to load. this made me wonder if its the server. can plugins make wordpress slow in the backend as well?



    yes – your homepage loads in 9-10s which is quite slow (especially because the traffic with 470kb is normal and you don’t waste several mb on images, audio, etc.). However the server seems to be very slow because the response takes over seconds (so the user opens your website in the browser and your server sends the html page 4 seconds later – good hosters could provide this website with all resources in 3-4 seconds. You can try cache plugins like: to improve loading times a bit. However you won’t get good loading times with this hoster.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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