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    Well, just changing the thumbnails to avoid resizing increased my Page Speed scores DRAMATICALLY. I am in the high 80’s and even 90 on the home page. Now if we can just iron out the animation oddities we will be good! And honestly, at least on the iPhone, the thumbs still look pretty good (tablets look great as well)

    @Kreisi – thanks for the tip on resizing. The only other issue I see is that IE8 looks odd (as I mentioned) and in Chrome the portfolio loads first in color and then flashes black, then fades in gray… so looks very jarring. Thanks for all the work on this.


    @ rimilton. can you explain the steps how to change the thumbnails to avoid resizing? i dont know how to do it. thanks a lot.


    Hello, I am here to offer a Public apology to Kriesi. I went on a terror about how slow my site was running. It was running fine then it just locked up and was not responding to anything I tried to do. I automatically assumed( and you know what they say about that) that it was the them not being able to handle the images i was uploading. At the time of the lock up/slow down I was creating pages.

    Kriesi responded to both post I left and told me to send him my login info and server info and he would check into it. I did and he did his thing and came back to me and said it was probably the server. I would of never thought of that as I have never had any problems.

    So I called godaddy and after going a few rounds with them stating that something was wrong. the lady said she wanted to check on something. so she did and came back to me with the reason. I guess I was on their legacy servers which is one server and was getting overloaded. she said that I can switch over to the new 4GH server which I guess is 4 linked together to handle the load.

    so she transferred me over stating I may be down for 72 hours but actually it took only 16 or so.

    I am back and my site is running snappy again.

    Thanks to Kriesi’s help I would of never thought of it being the server. So I own him an apology and a thank you for the personal assistance.



    @luke great to hear! update should be available during the next 24 hours. I was already able to improve the speed of greyscaling, hope I also get everything to animate a little bit smoother now.

    @scott glad I could help, glad it works now ;)


    if you dont care about the mobile version you can open functions.php and search for

    $avia_config = array('width'=>465, 'height'=>346);

    at the top. Change the image dimensions to:

    $avia_config = array('width'=>231, 'height'=>171);

    All portfolio thumbnail images that you upload from now on will have this smaller size. To modify the images that were uploaded already just install the regenerate thumbnail plugin and let it run once:

    thats pretty much it


    Hey Guys! I have just uploaded the next version of the theme and it should be available within the next 24 hours.

    If fixes various bugs and adds a few performance improvements. It now works very fine on new browsers, and also better on older ones but I will keep investigating why animations on some browsers are not as smooth as they can be and update the theme once again as soon as i found an answer ;)

    If you are encountering any new problems please open a new thread, I will now close this one for now ;)


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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