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    I can’t seem to understant why I get bad performance with my portfolio page. Everything moves slow…

    Is it because of the picture sizes in the slideshow?


    I have tested on many machines and browsers… have enabled Gzip compression, minify CSS and JS and even implementing a CDN and here are the results. This portfolio is slow. It is acceptable on newer machines, but on mid-range machines- and especially on IE8 or IE9 (which constitute HUGE browser market share) – it is very slow. And so far, it appears to either dynamically generate thumbnails on each portfolio page load, or in some other way disable browsers from being able to cache the images. So it is slow EVERY time. This is just unacceptable… I hope the developers will allocate some time to investigate these slow page loading issues. I was able to improve Google PAge Speed scores from an atrocious 48 out of the box to a marginal 76. This needs to get to 90+ and I have always been able to do that with other themes. What gives?





    I am having problems loading images into new pages and the images are optimized for the web. I keep getting a HTML error. then it froze up saying something about upload PHP or something like that in the URL link. This is very frustrating. I shut down my computer, started another page to test out and see if it was just a bad piece of code and it is still doing it.



    I have a brand new top of the line macbook pro and it is also pretty slow. It seem that each single image it translate in binary in the source code. This add a considerable amount of line of codes. Right click on an image > inspect element….


    holy F thats a lot of code for one image.

    I have shut down everything and started again. I logged into the admin and it is taking FOREVER to do anything with my site. I go to delete an image in the media section and it take atleast 30 seconds to respond to deleting an image. the whole site is responding like I am on dial up.

    I open a new tab and it pops right up so i know it is not the internet connection or my computer.

    I am beyond pissed right now.

    Theme builder/ Admin whats going on

    here is my site:


    Gridspace – I noticed that as well. I also can’t get my CDN to cache those images, probably of the same reason. Additionally, Page Speed scores are lower because the portfolio is displaying the original images (resized) rather than actually creating a thumbnail- this costs a lot in terms of Page Speed scoring, and load time.

    Support – how can we get these portfolio pages to load faster?


    Ma site is already done… One full week of work doing it locally with a virtual server. I’m afraid everything will slow down dramatically online. It suck big time that anybody serious and trained at the ”support” take care to customers.

    Someone out there can give us clear explanation please !!?


    Gridspace- well I have gone through most of the comments that users are having with this theme and the administrator seems to be about as responsive as the theme is. I feel that the admin (support) is not addressing peoples questions and concerns. and better yet problems.

    My site is sooo freaking slow I have no idea what to do. and I have done everything I can think of besides just dumping the theme in the trash and slamming them on reviews and trying something else that actually works. Page load time is a major major factor when you have potential clients looking( sorry- trying to look) at your work. This is absolutely redonkulous.


    Hey Guys! I am currently investigating the issue. My first guess with the slow frontpage portfolio is that its got something to do with the greyscale images that are generated by javascript on the fly when the portfolio loads, although I am not 100% sure yet. (those are the images with the long datastring)

    Therefore I would be glad if some of you could test your portfolios with greyscaling deactivated and see if the performance improves.

    Fixing this is my top priority at the moment.

    To those of you which have slow backends: since I cannot reproduce this, would you mind sending me your login data so I can test it for myself. if anyone is currently on a web server that is not live to the general public yet you can also send me your ftp access, so I can directly modify the source code of your installation. This would greatly reduce the time I need to debug and track down the problem.

    Since the theme runs on the same framework as my other themes (which dont have any reported performance issues) I am pretty sure that it should be possible to find the problems quite fast

    Thanks for your patience


    Kriesi- I will send you my login info but not thru the support forum. Do you have a specific method i can use that isn’t so public? my email is (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Thank you for taking the time


    Kriesi – I went in and took the greyscale setting off of all the portfolio images. I can say it is a little faster but it is still lagging. and the grey scale effect is really what sets this theme off and gives it a higher class esthetic feel. Taking that out this theme looks like all the other ones.


    Hey! I dont want to remove the greyscale image feature, since I totally agree with you :)

    I will have to find a way to improve it, and it was my first guess that this is a resource hog. I will check the other scripts as well of course, since I am stil not sure why this theme loads slower any other I have created until today :/

    BTW: Login information can be sent via:


    @kriesi Grayscale activated or deactivated is the same. I run the site locally on a fast machine.

    Thanks for putting efforts on this issue. It’s encouraging to know you’re aware.

    How do you explain this ?



    Kriesi- disabling the greyscale image helps a small amount(tried this before) but the actual thumbnail/resized images seem to be the lion’s share of the problem. Disabling grayscale actually gained about 3 points on Page Speed score. My page is here:

    I will disable all the caching and the CDN I have been using to try and speed this up so you can get immediate updates. (The CDN will automatically start-up in 3 hours, so please email me if you need more time. FTP info is on the way…


    @kriesi btw, Grayscale effects doesn’t load on all image if I hit refesh (OS X 10.6.8 Chrome 16.0.912.77). It work perfectly while navigating using the menu.


    @gridspace: the greyscale images are generated with canvas and the image is then parsed as a data string. This seemed to be a common technique (pretty much every script I have searched as reference works this way), none of them mentioning that this would cost some performance. (as for your second issue: already got that covered, thanks ;)

    @luke: Got your mails, thanks a lot. The problem with thumbnails/resized images is that the theme needs to load those larger images for smaller screen sizes. sounds weird at first but if you reduce the screen width you will notice that the images are no longer displayed in 4 columns but in a big single column. thats why I am not loading a 230 x 170 preview image but an image with bigger dimensions by default. Thats unfortunately the Tradeoff for responsive designs…

    Currently I am trying to improve the frontend javascript so the clunky animations become smooth again. I am not sure if this is in any way related to the slow page loading speed or the slow backend some of you are encountering but I’ll keep you posted…


    when i reload the portfolio pages all the greyscale icon are broken


    @Kriesi- thanks for taking a look. Please let me know when you are done troubleshooting so I can re-enable the caching and CDN.

    With regard to the images, I can understand the tradeoff. But is there anyway to make a toggle so these images are not resized for those of us that don’t mind missing the mobile views? This is probably costing as much as 5-7 Page Speed points… that is huge!</img&gt;


    if you dont care about the mobile version you can open functions.php and search for

    $avia_config = array('width'=>465, 'height'=>346);

    at the top. Change the image dimensions to:

    $avia_config = array('width'=>231, 'height'=>171);

    All portfolio thumbnail images that you upload from now on will have this size. To modify the images that were uploaded already just install the regenerate thumbnail plugin and let it run once:

    this will get your the Page speed points but It probably wont look that nice on mobile devices, depending on the screen size of the device…


    PS: I think you can re-enable the caching and CDN. I dont think that I need access to your backend any more.

    I think we got 3 different issues in this thread, all running under the problem “performance” and everyone was talking about different stuff:

    1.) javascript frontpage problems: portfolio animation is clunky, the image greyscaling reloads all images a second time

    2.) Backend Problems: slow backend only encountered on mackvisuals installation til yet

    3.) Page speed not as high as it could be, due to images beeing scaled down for the responsive layout functions.

    I am trying to fix number 1 by rewriting major portions of the javascript. The results should be smoother animations and images not being reloaded for the greyscale version.

    #2 seems to be a server related issue that also slows down the default wordpress theme when activated so I am not sure if angular really has anything to do with that

    #3 can at least be improved by the description above if you dont care for mobile users. I am looking into ways to get a few more speed points but not sure yet what can be done here. #1 has definitely priority today :)


    @kriesi Thank you for taking care of this. It’s really appreciated ; )


    @kriesi I will implement the fix and re-enable the cache… I do notice now that on Safari 5, none of the portfolio images (or blog pics for that matter) are loading on my site. I just get the spinning circle. It is working on all other browsers…

    I assume you will roll your js and other fixes into an update sometime soon?


    Hmmm… even disabling greyscale doesn’t fix it. Did you modify?


    @kriesi – Just some other feedback.. .the theme footer displays incorrectly in IE8 (big surprise that IE8 renders things funny, I know) and the iPad doesn’t display the grayscale overlay on portfolio or client logos.



    @luke: didnt change anything, nope. But yes I will check all the issues mentioned and roll out an update soon

    Best regards,



    Kriesi, does your sample data install anything that could contain the script? This was a clean install of WordPress, but it now has this script running from somewhere. Apparently this has been slowing some WP sites down. It is disconcerting since I don’t know where it came from… if you do a google search on this and wordpress, there are a lot of devs that have inadvertently included this in some of their js or other open source coded snippets.



    I dont use the script but when checking with the chrome debugging tool it seems this is something that gets loaded due to vimeo video embeds. Loading initiator seems to be urls like:

    Best regards,



    Wow- I’ll have to give them a support call. I have a pro account and don’t like the presumption to use these trackers. It really consumes bandwidth, I just ran a test on the angular demo page and there are at least four calls to that there as well. Thanks


    Just an excerpt of my note to Vimeo regarding this. I’ll post what they say here, as this is contributing to my slow page loads…

    “I just paid for a plus account and have embedded several of my own videos on It appears that embedded Vimeo videos use the notoriously shady tracking code to track users. This is known to be a disreputable company injecting scripts into web sites. It is consuming significant bandwidth on my site and it is setting tracking cookies on the visitor browsers that reach the site. I need to know how to disable this. Vimeo did not obtain my permission and my visitors did not approve this intrusion of privacy. This is really hard to believe…”

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