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    Our site is

    Our site is very picture intensive, but the time to move between pages is abysmal! I contacted hostgator who said that the problem was with the way the site was designed.

    I’ve installed the Super Cache plugin, as well as Cloudflare on the recommendation of Hostgator, but the site is still painfully slow.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

    Thank you.


    I should add there’s a particularly huge problem when moving between the home page and the photo gallery.


    *Bump* – Can anyone help please?


    I spoke with hostgator and they ran this diagnostic:

    and said my issues would be solved if:

    – The following image with missing width and/or height attributes had these added.

    – Changing the expiration of cacheable resources to a week or more

    How can this be done?



    Hi kizuri,

    Our support queue goes by oldest posted topic to newest so each time you self bump or self respond it actually pushes you to the end of our queue.

    As for the issue, we recommend plugins like WP Super Cache or w3tc for speeding up your site. Setting them up however is beyond what we can assist with via support.

    Looking at yslow right now, you have a Grade of B so I’m not really seeing an issue.

    Keep in mind that Host Gator is considered a budget hosting provider and their servers will not be able to respond as quickly as many other hosting providers.




    The site has a C grade and the questions remain.

    How do I specify image dimensions? Shouldn’t the theme be coded to do this automatically?

    How do i serve scaled images, or improve this? Again shouldn’t the theme be coded to do this automatically?

    Thank you.


    And can you please confirm the optimum sizes in pixels that the images in the portfolio should be? Particularly when the portfolio shows 2, 3 and 4 images in a row?

    Thank you.


    The theme uses a variety of methods to place images but no, the image sizes are not defined via html for many instances because it isn’t practical for coding. They are re-sized server side and then spit out in the html and further sized by css.

    Using YSlow on *my* machine gives me a grade of B when viewing your site. Given that your link is a bit old and it uses Firefox 14 to do the test I can’t really speak for its accuracy.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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