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    Got a problem, using the shortcodes for tabs and toggles and the actions are not smooth, its like delayed/not smooth dropping down while displaying it when you click on them, also the same “delay” happens when scrolling down the page, its not smooth. Don’t know what can be causing this.

    The tabs are not lining up too, when you click on the second tab the content drops a few lines, same for the other tabs.

    Also on the theme preview for the demo on the advanced shortcodes page, the secondary title is using a different font (on your demo site), is there a option for that?


    Here is the site with a couple of examples with the issues above:



    I tested both animations and they appeared smooth to me. Maybe you “viewed” some other websites with flash content in other browser tabs?


    it happens when the browser is in fullscreen, when the browser window is shrinked a bit it doesnt happen..

    Not a big deal, but the tabs are not acting right:


    using your standard shortcode:


    [tab title=’Tab1′ active]Tabcontent here[/tab]

    [tab title=’Tab2′]Tabcontent here[/tab]

    [tab title=’Tab3′]Tabcontent here[/tab]



    Also my other question, Additional Headline in posts/pages, is it possible to use a different cufon on different pages/posts?


    also why does the theme style break in ie 8? it shows fine in chrome.




    IE8 doesn’t support the box shadow attribute because it’s css3: – it will show a white border instead.

    Do you enter the tabs in visual mode or in html mode? In visual mode it can happen that wordpress adds paragraph tags to your code which destroys the output.


    thanks for the info, i was using html mode, it was adding a br, i was doing a cr after each tab guess that messed up, removed the cr and replaced it with a space now it lines up fine.

    One last question!

    I must’ve removed something from one of css, the additional pages for the mainpage content doesn’t show up. I’ve checked the source and the content of the additional page shows up but its not displayed. Would it be possible if you can take a look, or direct me on where else to look?

    Thanks again for the help.



    I’m uncertain what you mean with your last question, could elaborate please?


    referring to avisio mainpage options, selecting additional pages to display on the main page:


    the content of the additional page (company info) shows up in the source code for the main page, its just not displaying it.


    Very strange error – can you post a link to the demo website? Maybe the content area is hidden because of some (conflicting) css code.


    In style.css change:

    #top .frontpagetabs{
    overflow: visible;


    #top .frontpagetabs{
    overflow: visible;


    awesome! got it working. thanks for all the help.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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