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    you probably wont be able to see this at because my site is down but my host gave my IP access so -I- can see it, and I upgraded trying to solve my problem and I created a new one with the slideshows not showing after i upgraded.



    The slideshow seems to work for me. Please try following:

    1) Deactivate all third party plugins – maybe a plugin is incompatible with WP3.5

    2) Update your theme to the latest version which is Corona 1.5.

    Best regards,



    how do i upgrade to version 1.5?


    Hi metropolitandetail,

    There will be a bit more steps than normal since the main theme files have been edited a good bit.

    Re-download the theme files from Themeforest. Then you’ll go through the version.txt file int he main folder to see which files have been changed. You’ll then replace those specific files on your server with the newly downloaded and update files.

    If any of the files that have been updated have been edited by you, you’ll need to re-add in your changes to the new theme files.




    Is there an easy way to find any changes I’ve added? It’s been so long I can’t remember them all. Also, do you think updating will help my CPU usage?


    It will probably have no effect on CPU usage. In your other post there was a good suggestion on using notepad++ and an add on for it to compare your files to the updated theme files that should work well for you.




    slideshow still doesn’t work after I upgraded to 1.5. I’ll have to downgrade to 3.4.2 until I learn why. any ideas?


    Was it a plugin incompatibility with 3.5?


    I was hoping you could tell me :P

    but the install fails when i try do to it with the install button. I had to do it with FTP and when I do that it seems to work except for the slideshows


    Did you do a complete overwrite of the previous files with FTP?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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