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    I’m not sure why, but slideshow videos don’t appear in Firefox 4. I disabled my Flash-block plugin to make sure it wasn’t just me. Do you have any suggestions?



    can you post a link to your website please. I’ll report it as a bug to Kriesi.


    I can confirm that this is a bug in Firefox 4. While the 2D Featured Slideshow is fine, the 3D Featured Slideshow does not work in that browser when it is specified for a Portfolio Entry.

    A link to a website is not neccessary as this is very easy to reproduce.




    I reported it to Kriesi.


    Hey Guys! I wasnt able to reproduce any bugs with the 3d slideshow, however could reproduce the firefox 4 bug. Seems it only occurs when using youtube videos. Unfortunatley I wasnt yet able to fix that by now. since its only happening in ff4 it might also be firefox rendering bug that occurs under specific circumstances. I will investigate further, if anyone got ideas, links or new insights let me know.

    Until then I would recommend to use other video upload services if possible, or link to the youtube video via lightbox.


    I have no idea why the 3D Featured Slideshow did not work for me for on a Portfolio Entry a few days ago. After seeing Kriesi’s message above I have tested it again and suddenly everything is running as expected.

    Sorry for the confusion! My problem is solved.

    Thanks for your help!


    Is there any way to force HTML5 videos from YouTube, as opposed to Flash?



    according to this website: you can force html5 by adding


    to your youtube video links.


    Even with the HTML5 affixed to the url, the video does not appear in FF4.



    Just FYI, whilst you can request an HTML5 video if Google wants ads to appear in the specific video it won’t be HTML5 output sent back to your site. My advice is to use instead



    I was minutes from buying this theme but solely to put youtube vids in the slider…is this working yet in FF4? Bummer…



    Kriesi didn’t release an update regarding this issue – the situation hasn’t changed yet.


    Thanks dude. Is this also an issue with Brightbox? Cause I could probably use that one for this job as well…cheers.


    Personally I couldn’t reproduce the bug in Brightbox but to be honest that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. We need to wait for the next firefox builds – maybe (or hopefully – fingers crossed) it’s a bug in firefox and the youtube implementation will work in Upscale too. If not Kriesi must look into it. I can understand that he wants to make sure that it’s not Firefox which messes things up because there’s the risk to invest hours of work (investigation, dibugging, etc.) just to get nothing at the end.

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