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    My “FRONTPAGE” has all sorts of elements… including a slideshow, text, banner and a portfolio. I just wanted to check the pagination of the portfolio on “FRONTPAGE”… so I made 13 portfolio entries. When I check the PAGE 2 of the portfolio, the featured Video of my slideshow disappears and you only see the link of the video on top left of the slideshow container. Featured image works well on all pages but only the video disappears. How do I fix this please :-)

    This issue is replicating on IE, SAFARI, CHROME, IPHONE, ANDROID :-(

    You will see I am almost done with customizing the look… so I just need to fix this and I am done :-)

    You Check the behavior here:



    I found that the forntpage, which is “PORTFOLIO 2012” works fine when on its own: when clicked go to page 2 from the page itself instead of home page. So I looked for setting for manually setting this individual page as the home page… so found this setting in GENERAL SETTINGS in wordpress and I changed the default home page to this: :-) Now this works. Is this fine or will this be some issue later on?



    I am not sure if there will be some issues later but I visited the site and it looks great. Good job. :)





    Actually this didnt work. The home page now behaved fine but none of the links were working… no blog, no post etc. All had this url ( before them and all pages were bouncing back to home page only. So I reverted to defaulst in the wordpress setting. …. so I am back to square one. The home page is working but the video doesnt show on page 2 :-( Please helpppp

    I tried numerous combinations with permalinks etc but nothing works.


    Acutally I just changed the order of the homepage items… now the portfolio is on top and featured video slideshow below… Now the issue is not there… only when I have the video above the portfolio container :-( Does it make sense?


    Hi sarwiya,

    Since you’ve changed the site back but removed the pagination, I’m not able to test it on your site. I’ll try and replicate the issue locally and see if I can figure out the issue.

    What version of the Angular theme do you have currently installed?





    The issue is solved as I re-installed it to my main site afresh :

    This time I had carefully modified all the CSS files and the issue seems to be fixed. :-) I love my modified version of your brilliant theme :-)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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